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Professor of Sociology
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BA, International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)
MA, Ph.D, Michigan State University

  • Social Gerontology (SOCI/GERN 280)
  • Medical Sociology (SOCI 375)
  • Family Sociology (SOCI 374)
  • Demography (SOCI/ANTH 352)
  • Japanese Society and Culture (SOCI/ANTH 306)
  • Sociology of the Life Course (SOCI 307)
  • Social Issues in a Global Context (SOCI 110)

Family Demography, Aging and the Life Course, Culture of Death and Dying, Research Methods, Sociology of Health and Illness

  • Kimiko Tanaka (2021). “Aging and Family in Postwar Japan: How Cultural factors undermines the diversity of aging” in Aging across Cultures: Growing Old in the Non-Western World edited by Helaine Selin. Springer.
  • Kimiko Tanaka, Nan E. Johnson, and Deborah Lowry (2018). “Gender, Family Norms, and Male-Factor Infertility in Japan: An Analysis of Internet Blogs”. Journal of Family Issues 39 (14): 3713-3731.
  • Kimiko Tanaka and Deborah Lowry (2018) “Stigma and Childlessness in Historical and Contemporary Japan” In S. Natalie (Ed), Gender and Sexuality Series: Voluntary and Involuntary Childlessness: The Joys of Otherhood? Routledge
  • Kimiko Tanaka, Jeong-Hwa Ho, and Nan E. Johnson (2017) Linking Religiosity to Life Satisfaction in Japan and the United States, pp 122-133 in Grim B.J., T.M., Johnson, V. Skirbekk, and G.A. Zurlo (Eds). Yearbook of International Religious Demography. Brill. 
  • Kimiko Tanaka and Nan E. Johnson (2014). Childlessness and Mental Well-Being in a Global Context. Journal of Family Issues. Journal of Family Issues: 0192513X14526393. 
  • Kimiko, Tanaka and Deborah Lowry (2013). Mental Well-being of mothers with preschool children in Japan: The Importance of spousal involvement in childrearing. Journal of Family Studies 19 (2), 187-197. 
  • Kimiko, Tanaka and Nan E. Johnson (2012). "The Effect of Social Integration on Self-rated Health for Elderly Japanese People: A Longitudinal Study" Journal of Comparative Family Studies 43 (4): 483-493.  
  • Kimiko Tanaka (2012). Surnames and Gender in Japan: Women’s Challenges in Seeking Own Identity. Journal of Family History (37): 232-240.
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