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The Metals and Jewelry program at JMU encourages an experimental and interdisciplinary approach to art making.

Our curriculum synthesizes a commitment to traditional mediums, emphasizing craftsmanship and the interplay between concept, material and content. Students are encouraged to take risks while developing ideas based on individual, historical and theoretical perspectives.

Metals and Jewelry faculty work closely with students, discussing the ideas and attitudes emerging in their work and its relationship to recent developments in contemporary art.

It is our belief that making art generates productive thinking and promotes new understandings of the environment we live in. It is our goal to graduate students who are skilled both technically and conceptually, and are truly engaged with the world.

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The Metals and Jewelry studios at JMU are located in five rooms on the second floor of the new wing of Duke Hall. The newly renovated studio is well equipped and supports the teaching of laser welding, micro-arc welding, soldering, die-forming, mass finishing, machining, hot forging, knife making, sand blasting, raising, stone setting, electroforming, aluminum and reactive metal anodizing, plating, etching, patination, centrifugal and vacuum casting, induction casting, powder coating, enameling, 3D printing and 3D scanning, and table-top photography.

The new studios are well-lit with ample natural and artificial light, and thoughtfully designed for student’s health and safety. Advanced students and graduate students are provided with a separate and secure studio space in the Metals and Jewelry studio suite.

Metals and Jewelry Faculty

Mark Rooker

Metals and Jewelry Coordinator, Professor of Art

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