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Art (painting & drawing) / Art History

Year Graduated

Major/ Minor
B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in Painting/Drawing, Minor in Art History

What are you up to now?
I currently work as an adjunct professor at Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

How does your art major/minor inform your career? How did it help you get to where you are now?
The diverse education I received at JMU really helped motivate me to expand my work across several mediums. Although my background is strong in painting and drawing, I find myself exploring ideas in a wide variety of mediums and never settling on a single way of working.

What are some of the most valuable skills you gained from the School of Art, Design and Art History?
One of the most valuable skills I acquired at JMU was the importance of craft. No matter what project I'm working on, I hold very high standards on the "making" of the work. JMU really strives to provide students with a strong background in fundamentals which I think sets artists up for success in the future.

What is your advice for JMU students knowing what you know now?
Take advantage of all the opportunities the program gives you (e.g. - artist talks, submission opportunities, research facilities, etc.). Also, really push outside of your comfort zone as far as what courses you take. Some of the most memorable experiences I had were in courses outside of my concentration. I learned a lot about new mediums and I have carried several of those skills into my current work.

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