For Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skillset Development

A vibrant, well connected entrepreneur education and support ecosystem is imperative for attracting, developing, and retaining entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth.

As an engaged member of the entrepreneur education landscape in Virginia, we encourage your input and action in the Strategic Doing™ for Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skillset Development initiative from January 18 through May 20, 2019.

This initiative, supported by the Virginia Provosts’ Initiative for Integrated Economic Development, will gather entrepreneur development advocates from GoVirginia Regions 3 and 8 to connect, strategize, and act to leverage, enhance, and grow initiatives that benefit the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset development ecosystem.


Get Involved

Want to know more? View the recorded webinar to learn more about the initiative and Strategic Doing™. 

Note: Use the password, "Entrepreneur" when prompted.

Ready to apply to participate in the Strategic Doing Initiative? Please complete a short application by December 7th.

Initiative Participation

The Strategic Doing™ methodology, an agile, action oriented approach to collaboration will be taught and used as framework for small (approximately 5-person) affinity teams to develop and move projects forward over a 4-month period.

Selected participants will be notified by December 17th. Partners will be expected to attend a one-day conference on January 18th, 2019*, devote several hours per month to collaborate with affinity teams, participate in monthly virtual check-in meetings, and a one-day conference on May 20th, 2019*.

*Overnight accommodations will be provided for participants. Mini-grant funding will be available to advance affinity team projects.

Strategic Doing™ Approach

This initiative will use an approach called Strategic Doing™ to organize our work together and keep us moving toward the project’s objectives. It is designed specifically for collaborative networks in which there isn’t one person or organization setting the direction or making decisions. It will probably feel different than other ways in which you’ve participated in collaborations, and we’ve found it works better if people understand a bit about the approach before the session.

Strategic Doing™ is a methodology that helps groups identify desired strategic outcomes, develop a path to reaching those outcomes, and quickly move into implementation. It is ideal for networks – groups of people and organizations that have a shared interest, but which do not “have” to work together in a hierarchical fashion. Strategic Doing™ has been deployed in a variety of settings, including regional economic/innovation ecosystem development, higher education, community development, and corporate planning. The approach was first developed by Ed Morrison of Purdue University and is now the premier offering of the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue, where he is the director. The Lab has a close relationship with the Strategic Doing Institute, an independent non-profit organization promoting the discipline worldwide.

GO Virginia Initiative

GO Virginia is an initiative by Virginia’s senior business leaders to foster private-sector growth and job creation through state incentives for regional collaboration by business, education, and government.

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