It is suggested that the observed warm absorbers (WAs) can be produced from black hole accretion disks by the action of magnetic fields in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). The importance of these ionized outflows lies in the fact that they reflect the properties of X-ray absorbing material. By studying the blue shifted absorption features in the X-ray spectra we can learn more about the geometry and physical properties of the ionized material present in the wind; e.g. line-of-sight velocity, inclination angle, and column density. In this presentation we investigate the physical conditions of the ionized winds detected in a nearby bright Seyfert 1 AGN, MCG-6-30-15, by utilizing 520ks data obtained from the Chandra X-ray observatory. We further model the observed WAs of diverse ions to constrain the best-fit model parameters mentioned above. The understanding of WAs is important to study how X-ray outflows could deliver energy and momentum to the host galaxy (i.e. AGN Feedback) as we consider in this work.

Additional Abstract Information

Student(s): Alexander Sanner

Department: Physics and Astronomy

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Keigo Fukumura

Type: Oral

Year: 2019

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