Measuring the various electrical signals in a set of Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT’s) in conjunction with The Super Bigbite Spectrometer (SBS) to be used in Hall A at Jefferson Lab to carry out a number of seminal experiments including precision measurements of the electric and magnetic form factor of the proton and neutron. The JMU particle and nuclear physics group was tasked with characterizing approximately 2300 PMT’s that will provide the readout for the electromagnetic calorimeter used by SBS. For this presentation, I will concentrate on the gain and quantum efficiency measurements of these tubes as well as the current drawn by the resistive base. Additionally, JMU is tasked with the construction of new bases in order house PMT’s. PMT’s were tested using a CAEN High Voltage power supply and measurements from the computer were reported using expect scripts. The bases are measured similarly. New bases are being constructed in the lab by pouring plastic into a mold which will attach to the top of the PMT base’s cookie allowing for a more robust foundation from which to attach the circuit boards. Once finished constructing the new bases, additional tests will be run to measure the new bases’ electrical signals.

Additional Abstract Information

Student(s): Adam Golfman, Jorge Pena

Department: Physics and Astronomy

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ioana Niculescu

Type: Oral

Year: 2019

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