If you are involved with organizing a special event at JMU and need assistance or approval from the University Police Department to finalize your event you may contact Lt. John Campbell at 540.568.6910 or by sending an email to PD_SpecialEvents@jmu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Certain events REQUIRE a meeting with Public Safety to discuss event specifics and to obtain an approval signature. This meeting must take place prior to the TWO week due date for paperwork to be returned to JMU Event Management. The following events require the approval of Public Safety:

  • Cash Handling
  • Dance / Concerts
  • Large Events (attendance of 250 or more)
  • Overnight Events
  • Walk / Runs

Contact Lt. John Campbell, Public Safety, for approval signature. You must call 540-568-6910 to set up an appointment. If Lt. Campbell is not available, email PD_SpecialEvents@jmu.edu.

The Treasurer of any Student Organization is required to meet with Public Safety before the Organization’s first event involving money to complete Section 3 of the JMU Event Approval Form. This form must have the Treasurer’s signature, Public Safety’s signature and it applies to all events where cash is handled.  Set up an appointment with Lt. Campbell by calling 540-568-6910. If Lt. Campbell is not available, email PD_SpecialEvents@jmu.edu. This form must be completed for every event where cash is handled.

The completed and signed form is due at JMU Event Management at least TWO weeks before the event date. If other forms are required, i.e. JMU Event Approval Form or Outdoor Event Approval Form, they must be turned in to the appropriate scheduling office at least TWO weeks before the event date. If the discussion and signature approval has not taken place prior to the due date for paperwork, the event will not be approved.

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