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The Task Force on Racial Equity was action-oriented which resulted in fifty-three recommendations that have short, medium and long-term implementation plans. Working Groups submitted recommendations that went through a multi-stage development and endorsement process from idea to implementation.

Step 1: Initial Process Design

Working group members and co-chairs were appointed, nominated, and selected. Invited members were inclusive of students, alumni, and community members. The process began with 182 members.

Step 2: Working Groups Develop Recommendations

With the support of the leadership council, the working group members reviewed historical plans, discussed current issues and began drafting recommendations.

Step 3: Recommendation Reviewed by Members of the TFRE Co-Chairs Team and/or Leadership Council

The TFRE Co-Chairs Team and/or the Leadership Council reviewed each recommendation for possible replication of previous initiatives and duplication among the working groups. Revisions were sent back to the working groups.

Step 4: Working Group Finalized Recommendation, Co-Champion Assigned

Once any revisions were made to the reccomendation, the document was finalized and assigned to a co-champion within the working group.

Step 5: Submitted to the President

Each recommendation was sent to President Alger for review and approval.

Step 6: President Assigns to Vice President

Upon approval of the recommendation, President Alger assigned the recommendation to a Vice President Co-Champ whose responsibility is to support the implementation of the recommendation.

Step 7: Vice President Designates the Implementation Co-Champ

Once President has assigned the recommendation to a Vice President’s department for recommendation, the Vice President appoints a person as the Implementation Co-Champ.  The Implementation Co-Champ is in the in the Vice President’s division and whose duties or knowledge allow them to oversee details to keep the recommendation moving forward to implementation or integration into department workings.

Step 8: Co-Champs meet to Discuss Action Plan and Timeline

The Vice President’s Implementation Co-Champ and the Working Group Co-Champ discuss the recommendation, create a plan of action for implementation, and agree on a timeline.

Step 9: Co-Champs Report on Active Status

A monthly survey is sent to the Vice President's Co-Champ to report the Active Status (link to status page) of the recommendation.

Step 10: Recommendation Completion

The recommendation's Active Status is updated upon completion of related deliverables and tasks.

Note: Oversight and continued collaboration will rest with the university’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

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