Working Group Purpose Statement:

Identify and develop diverse leaders and leadership opportunities within the JMU alumni community, and ways to cultivate diverse alumni to serve on various boards and organizations within the JMU community. 


Working Group Co-Chairs and Liaison:

Paula Bowens

JMU Black Alumni Chapter President


Carrie Combs

Director, Alumni Relations; Executive Director, JMU Alumni Association


Mike Davis

Executive Advisor to the President


Conor Webb

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

Working Group Members:

Trent Bosley - Alumnus

Aria Carr - Alumna

Michael Humphrise - Alumnus

Bettina Mason - Alumna

Nick McCaslin - Alumnus

Johana Melendez - Student

Vonda Sparks - Alumna

Derek E. Steele - Alumnus

Raiquan Thomas - Student

Ellen Wilder - Student

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