Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Task Force on Racial Equity is to advise the president and administration of James Madison University with regard to issues of racial equity, receive and provide feedback on information related to current and planned initiatives, and generate additional recommendations for the short, medium, and long term.  

In order to provide focus for its work, this task force will concentrate primarily on issues related to racial equity.  The university is of course acutely aware of the many intersecting forms of identity, diversity and inclusivity that make up our JMU community and of the need to think broadly about all of these issues (as was the charge of the previous Diversity Task Force, and the Task Force on Inclusion).  This broad range of issues will continue to be a central focus of the institution through the ongoing work of our diversity councils, as well as committees and other entities that focus on particular areas such as disabilities accommodations/access, gender equity, the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, etc. 

Among others, one responsibility the Task Force on Racial Equity is being asked to undertake is to review and build upon the recommendations and initiatives that have arisen from the work of entities such as the Diversity Task Force and the Task Force on Inclusion, and to communicate and coordinate as needed with other existing institutional efforts and entities such as the diversity councils. 

The task force and its Working Groups are tasked to provide regular updates to the president and administration.  A lengthy report is not expected nor required, rather, the goal is to promote the continuous submission of recommendations, sharing of action-oriented ideas and discussion with the university’s leadership. 

Mission Statement

Build upon previous JMU efforts related to access, diversity, equity and inclusion with new research and dialogue to create meaningful, structural, and noticeable racial equity transformation at JMU and in our world.

Vision Statement

Empowering JMU and its extended communities, both individually and collectively, to build tangible access and success opportunities for all underrepresented communities--Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino/a/x, Asian American, Hawaiian Native, Pacific Islander, Indigenous (American Indian/Alaskan Native)--to ensure equity.


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