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Vice Provost, Student Academic Success & Enrollment Management
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Task Force Role:

Task Force Co-Chair

Co-Chair: Student Academic Success Working Group

Why I want to serve on the Task Force:

I am interested in serving as both a Task Force Co-chair and Working Group Co-chair because it aligns with my personal and professional lived experiences. As a practitioner in higher education, I reflect upon my own experience as a student and integrate what I hear from today’s students to help inform my understanding of what we can design and implement at James Madison University.


Top three values I bring to this work:

Collaboration: Working together to create solutions that address some of the biggest challenges and barriers.

Transparency: Create a sense of ownership among all participants engages people and brings along the group in meaningful ways.

Equity: Leveraging diversity as our greatest asset, while building inclusive spaces can help us create equitable experiences for all parties.

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