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The time is now for society to change. That consensus is reflected in the fact that 100% of those who were asked by JMU President Jonathan R. Alger to serve as leaders on the university’s Task Force on Racial Equity, a two-year commitment, accepted the invitation to do so. The Task Force on Racial Equity built on existing work, operated with an action-oriented focus and represented a multifaceted group of change-makers who acknowledge that systemic problems require systemic solutions.

The Task Force on Racial Equity represented the most inclusive group ever assembled at the university with members including students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, parents, community members and many others. We all have a lot to contribute, and we all have a lot to learn. Through civil, constructive discourse and hard dialogue on issues of racial equity, the TFRE prioritized education and knowledge sharing. JMU recognizes that the work of racial equity is everyone’s job.  Yet Task Force leaders recognized the need to include accountability processes throughout the recommendation implementation phase.  While the TFRE as a whole has been an agent of change, JMU acknowledges that in many ways, this important work to achieve racial equity, while begun 400 years ago, remains an ongoing effort at JMU and throughout our society.  

Learn more about the purpose, mission and vision of the Task Force on Racial Equity and read through the compilation of the work on this site.

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