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JMU currently employs two different alerting systems that produce audible signals to warn the JMU community of impending emergency situations or hazardous conditions.

  • The Madison ALERT system is a general purpose system that can be used for all emergencies and is capable of both recorded and live audio signals.
  • The Stormgrid lightning detection system continuously monitors electromagnetic activity within several miles of campus and produces an audible tone when conditions favor a lightning strike. 

Here are examples of the various alert tones we use and the actions you should take if you hear them.

This signal is intended to immediately get the attention of members of the JMU Community. When students, staff and visitors hear this siren they should immediately try to seek shelter in a secure location and follow any verbal instructions that accompany this alarm.

This signal consists of a single 15 second horn blast and indicates that there is an imminent danger of a lightning strike on campus. When students, staff and visitors hear this horn they should immediately try to seek shelter in a safe location such as a building or vehicle away from water and electrical sources until the severe weather passes and the All Clear signal is given.

BOTH systems use the same all clear signal to indicate that it is safe to resume normal activity.

This signal consists of three consecutive 5 second horn blasts and indicates that it is now safe to resume normal activities on campus.

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