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Ethics Minor

The Ethics Minor offers students an opportunity for deeper study of respected ethical thinkers and of how ethical theory, from both philosophy and religion, can shape our individual and social lives. Students choose six courses total from either of the lists below. At least one of the six must be from the Philosophy list, and at least one of the six must be from the Religion list. Philosophy and Religion majors may double count two courses (6 credits) from their major toward the Ethics Minor.



PHIL 262: Problems in Applied Ethics

PHIL 330. Moral Theory

PHIL 335. The Individual, the State, and Justice

PHIL/WGS 350. The Philosophy of Feminism

PHIL 367. Topics in Philosophy of Law

PHIL 440. Advanced Moral Philosophy



REL 240. Jesus and the Moral Life

REL 306. Women and Gender in Islam

REL 309. Jihad in Islamic Traditions

REL 314. Gandhi and the Other 9/11

REL 323. Comparative Ethics East and West

REL 350. Islamic Law and Society

REL/IA 363. Apocalypticism, Religious Terrorism and Peace

REL 410. Dharma/ Adharma: Hindu Ethical Reasoning

REL 450. Religion and Society


Other courses with an ethical focus from philosophy, religion, or another department may count towards the minor with the approval of the Ethics Minor Coordinator.

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