Cherelle Johnson
Adjunct Instructor

Home department: Adult Education/ Human Resource Development

Areas of expertise: Strategic Planning, Organizational Leadership, Instructional Design & Technology, Human Resource Development

I enjoy adult learning and supporting the courageous students who chose to enhance their career choices and/or who value continuing education.


Chengqi (John) Guo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems 

Home department: Computer Information Systems 

Areas of expertise: Relational Database, Behavioral Security and Security Management, Cross-Cultural Research

I enjoy working with adult students because they undergo some of the most practical aspects of daily lives that I can relate to as a grown-up professional. I also see momentum being built up in terms of ADP enrollment in the next five years or so.


Kathy Clarke, MLS, MS.Ed

Home department: JMU Libraries 

Areas of expertise: Information Literacy, Library Instruction, Assessment of Student Learning, General Education, New and Returning College Students, Research Methods Instruction

I enjoy connecting students with the Libraries’ collections and helping them see themselves in scholarly conversations that happen at JMU. I love to help students explore what they want to learn and connect them to the scholars who study similar topics and can help them grow in their knowledge and expertise. Adult and returning learners face a host of challenges that require us to think deeply and differently about their needs and expectations.


Jennifer A. Keach, MLS, MS.Ed
Coordinator of Organizational Learning & Development, Professor 

Home department: JMU Libraries

Areas of expertise: Workplace Training, Adult Education, Needs Assessment, Program Evaluation, Project Management, Organizational Communication & Culture, Academic Libraries

I have a passion for lifelong learning wherever it happens: at work, in the classroom, when traveling, in the routines of day-to-day life. I am inspired by the students who are enrolled in the Adult Degree Program by the many ways in which they have carved time out of busy lives to dedicate themselves to furthering their own education and careers. I get the privilege of convening a community of informed and engaged learners for each class—supporting new connections and new understanding about professional practice.


Dr. Juhong Christie Liu
Assistant Professor, Senior Instructional Designer 

Home department: JMU Libraries 

Areas of expertise: Instructional Design and Technology, Curriculum Design, Assessment and Evaluation, OER Design and Development, Design-based Research, Mixed Methods Research, Program Management, Grant Conceptualization and Writing, Student Success and Support in Online Learning Environment

Learning is a process for one to continuously gain both cognitive and social skills and competency to become a member who is valued and respected by the society. I believe scaffolding lifelong learning is a combination of renewing knowledge, nurturing social growth, and advising with a caring heart and broadened perspectives.


Michele D. Estes, Ph. D.
Associate Professor 

Home department: Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education 

Areas of expertise: Educational Technology

I enjoy helping adult learners reach their full potential.


Lanny Burt
Manager, CHBS-Technology Support 

Home department: College of Health and Behavioral Studies 

Areas of expertise: IT, Tech Support, Adult Education

Teaching for the Adult Degree Program allows me the opportunity to use my Education Degree and I enjoy the interaction with adult learners.


Dr. Greg Corder
Assistant Adjunct Professor 

Home department: Physics and Astronomy 

Areas of expertise: Science Education

I really enjoy the opportunity to teach and work with adult learners, especially since I can connect with some of the struggles that many of them might face. First, many participants in the Adult Degree Program have full-time jobs. I certainly understand the challenge that creates since I worked full-time while earning my own graduate degrees. Second, some of our students are parents, and as a parent myself, it is fair to say that coursework is much more challenging when you are also responsible for your children’s needs. Despite these challenges and others, students in our program have recognized the value of education and chose to take advantage of the opportunity that JMU offers. Through perseverance, they earn a college degree and that is certainly worthy of respect.


Amanda Armstrong Randall, M.Ed, BCBA
State Coordinator of the I’m Determined Project
VDOE Region 5 TTAC at JMU 

Home Department: College of Health and Behavioral Studies 

Areas of Expertise: Autism, Self-determination, and Behavior

I love teaching for ADP because it allows me contact with teachers and parents who are in need of more information to successfully serve students with autism. I love when they have lightbulb moments and realize that they now have the knowledge and power to change behavior and increase the quality of life for their students with autism.


Gretchen A. Hazard

Home Department: School of Communication 

Areas of expertise: Human Communication

I am passionate about helping students to develop communication skills to help them be successful in their personal, professional, and academic lives. As we become more and more reliant on electronic means to communicate, it is critical that all of us become comfortable communicating in an online environment. Providing students with multiple opportunities to develop communication skills and competencies in the safe and supportive environment of regular synchronous sessions keeps all of us engaged, active, and learning. A focus on message construction and collaboration with classmates ensures each student can be successful.


David R. Peterson, PhD
Assistant Professor 

Home Department: College of Business/Management 

Areas of expertise: Creative Thinking; Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Organizational/Occupational Psychology

I teach for ADP because I believe learning is the one lifelong occupation. Several members of my family have flourished as students in degree programs for busy, hard-working adults. I am grateful to be working with ADP students at JMU as they shoulder this brief, yet momentous, step in their learning careers.


Jenny Ramirez, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Art History
School of Art, Design, and Art History 

Home Department: School of Art, Design and Art History

Areas of Expertise: 19th-Century Art & Photography, Chinese & Japanese Art, East/West Interactions in Art; Art Appreciation

Why I teach for ADP: I absolutely love teaching for ADP. The students come from such varied backgrounds and really contribute a multitude of perspectives in our course discussions. Having students who work full time and have families, who are trying to balance work/school/life—this makes for a very rich, real-world experience for the entire class. Since my course is “Art in General Culture,” I love the enthusiasm that many students bring when they explore the incredible world of images, from past and the present, and see how art has relevance in their busy lives. Many have been ignited by the creative expression of artists and pursue their own journey into art beyond the course. 

Amy Brickner

Aimee Brickner, Ph.D., LPC

Home department: School of Communication Studies

Areas of expertise: My education has been interdisciplinary with advanced degrees in Communication Studies and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In terms of teaching, my areas of expertise are Interpersonal Communication with a focus in family relationships and conflict analysis and intervention. My areas of research include mental health issues and resiliency in families, division of workloads in couples with young children, and ways to enhance social support for college students experiencing depressive symptoms.  

Although I teach at a brick-and-mortar University, I believe that higher education should be accessible for anyone who wants to earn their degree. Life happens--there are innumerable reasons that people may never attend college or have to halt their education before it is completed and I see the Adult Degree Program as one way to help overcome barriers that might have gotten in the way of obtaining a college degree in a more traditional fashion.

Yankey Mike

Michael D. Yankey

Home Department: College of Business, Management

Areas of Expertise: Principles, Organizational Behavior, Retail Management

I have a lot of respect for those who have stopped their academic careers, and then choose to come back. I enjoy helping those people finish their degrees. 


Charles M. Harris
Adjunct Professor

Home Department: College of Health & Behavioral Studies, School of Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Teaching Developmental Psychology in online and hybrid formats, the science of teaching and learning, concept mapping of complex concepts.

Teaching in the Adult Degree Program has led to many enlightening interactions with non-traditional students. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in a program that facilitates the advancement of learning among these highly motivated individuals.


Dr. Tina Bhandari
Adjunct Instructor 

Home Department: Adult Degree Program

Areas of Expertise: Special Education and Transition

The ADP program is a true validation for students who did not have the opportunity to go the standard route because life happens. I am honored to be part of the program, teaching people who really want their degree and want it for a reason beyond the conventional ones. The students all have their unique experiences which keep the classes creative and colorful. I am also excited as the program evolves and grows because of the obvious need.

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