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Graduate Assistant
Contact Info

SPCE Graduate Assistant, Marketing & Communications

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts, English & Literary Studies 

Current JMU Graduate Program:  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication


Where are you from?  

Enugu, Nigeria 

What pronouns do you use?  


Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?  

“I see myself completing my doctoral studies in Rhetoric and Composition with particular emphasis on multimodal communication and genre studies in technical communication while actively teaching college-level writing and working assiduously to explore composition practices that will improve widespread access to specialized knowledge replete in academic discourse.”   

What is most exciting to you about working with SPCE? 

“Working with SPCE holds the promise of creating a nexus between the theoretical aspects of my graduate work and practice in a professional setting. I appreciate the opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals in different programs at SPCE and meaningfully contribute to their advancement efforts as I professionally evolve into a more effective communicator in a variety of contexts.”  

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