Decennial Review

Every ten years, a SACSCOC accredited institution must undergo a review to demonstrate compliance with the Principles of Accreditation. This decennial review is comprised of:

  • Compliance Certification
  • Off-Site Peer Review
  • Quality Enhancement Plan
  • On-Site Visit
  • Review/Approval by SACSCOC Board of Trustees

Compliance Certification

In order for our accreditation to be reaffirmed, JMU is required to conduct a comprehensive audit to assess if we are in compliance with accreditation requirements of the Commission on Colleges. JMU must be in compliance with the standards contained in the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement. These standards reflect basic expectations that require a narrative statement with links to supporting evidence. Details expected in our university response are available from the POA Resource Manual.

Off-Site Peer Review

The Compliance Certification is submitted to SACSCOC, who moderates a review by peer institutions. The reviewers are chosen from other SACSCOC accredited institutions outside of Virginia.

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

One of the components of an institution's reaffirmation is a course of action, or a roadmap, that focuses on enhancing the quality of higher education and student learning. It is expected to include a university-wide process linked to the university’s strategic planning processes.

Visit the QEP page for more information.

On-Site Visit

Once the institution receives recommendations from the Off-Site Peer Review, another group of peers and a SACSCOC Vice President visit the institution to follow up on any recommendations, hear the final plan for the QEP, and observe any other areas of interest.

Fifth Year Interim Report

The Fifth-Year Interim Report is submitted five years prior to an institution’s reaffirmation review. The Fifth-Year Interim Report is intended to provide documentation of compliance with select standards of the Principles of Accreditation with a focus on student achievement. The report also includes an Impact Report on the implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan.

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