Peer Group Selection

During the fall semester of 2015, at the request of the Compensation Advisory Council (CAC), Academic Council began the process of identifying a new peer group for JMU that would be more appropriate for analyzing faculty compensation and related issues. With all compensation data hidden to ensure objectivity, members of Academic Council engaged in an intentional, iterative process that resulted in identification of the programmatic criteria for use determining the descriptive peer group.

The categories of criteria used to determine the final list focused on:

  • Academics/Selectivity
  • Finances/Expenses
  • Mission/Location
  • Student Body

In addition to data elements within each category noted, members of Academic Council also considered the portfolio of academic programs offered by each institution. The final peer group list includes eight of the institutions on the previous SCHEV peer group list.

Effective immediately, this peer group will be used to benchmark faculty and staff compensation and assist us in analyzing the impact of our efforts to address compensation.

The approved JMU compensation peer group

  • Appalachian State University
  • Clemson University
  • College of Charleston
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Illinois State University
  • Miami University-Oxford
  • Rowan University
  • SUNY at Binghamton
  • Towson University
  • UNC-Wilmington
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • West Chester University
  • Western Washington University

IPEDS Data Feedback Report

The Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS) publishes a Data Feedback Report that compares JMU against the average of its designated peer group on a number of important metrics.

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