The office of Planning, Analytics, and Institutional Research (PAIR) provides accurate data and actionable insights to facilitate strategic, evidence-informed decision-making at James Madison University.

To accomplish its objectives, PAIR consists of three teams:

University Strategic Planning

This team is responsible for managing the University’s strategic planning process, consulting with units about annual reporting processes, and coordinating institutional accreditation efforts to remain in compliance with SACSCOC standards.

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Analytics & Decision Support

This team collects and analyzes university data to generate actionable insights that support decisions made by members of the university leadership. In collaboration with campus partners, the ADS team helps oversee the collection, analysis, and reporting of student survey data across the entire student experience. The ADS team develops advanced analytical tools for use by academic and administrative heads to inform both day-to-day and future planning efforts in order to support and enhance student success.

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Institutional Research

This team compiles and reports official data about the university to interested members of the JMU community, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, the U.S. Department of Education, and other state and federal agencies. This team provides official data and statistics about the university for planning, reporting, and decision-making purposes.

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