Data Definitions:
  1. Identify terms to be defined.
    1. Prioritize critical data sets for Reengineering Madison, with an initial focus on core systems (SIS, HCM).
  2. Assign Data Manager/Subject Matter Experts to provide draft definition and details.
  3. Data Governance Council discusses and refines the data definition and related information.
  4. Majority approval is obtained from the Data Governance Council.
  5. Any misalignment between a JMU "business" definition (or process) and the required reporting definition are identified and assigned to a smaller group comprised of the data manager, PAIR (Planning, Analytics & Institutional Research) team member and business area SME. This group will discuss, research and seek changes to business definitions and process (where able) to bring the two definitions in to alignment.
  6. Definitions approved by the Data Governance Committee are provided to the Reengineering Madison Steering Committee for Approval.
    1. Steering Committee members provide feedback, DGC iterates the above process as needed until the Steering Committee provides approval for the proposed definition.
  7. Approved definitions are documented and published to the University Data Dictionary

Adhoc Change Requests:

Adhoc change requests can arise through multiple streams (feedback from the public or JMU community, leadership, IT, business process changes, legislation, Data Stewards).

  1. Change request is submitted to the Data Governance Council.
  2. Change request is reviewed and discussed by the Data Governance Council, with break out groups assigned as needed.
  3. After analysis and approval from the Data Governance Council, updated definitions are sent to the Reengineering Madison Steering Committee, and the process continues starting at step 6 in the Data Definitions Process.
Yearly review and re-approval of published Data Definitions:
  1. Data Managers are responsible for ongoing review and approval of published data definitions.
  2. One review period per year at minimum will be scheduled by the Data Governance Council, during which time, the Data Manager will review and document any necessary updates or changes to definitions in their purview.  During this review, Data Managers will include non Data Goverance Council members, to ensure broad agreement and understanding of the data definition.  
  3. Changes identified during yearly review period will go through the existing Adhoc Change Request process and any approved updates are published to the University Data Dictionary.

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