The Analytics and Decision Support team collects and analyzes university data to generate actionable insights that support decisions made by members of the university leadership. In collaboration with campus partners, the ADS team helps oversee the collection, analysis, and reporting of student survey data across the entire student experience. The ADS team develops advanced analytical tools for use by academic and administrative heads to inform both day-to-day and future planning efforts in order to support and enhance student success.

Survey Research

Collecting information about student perceptions, behaviors, and attitudes is critical to identifying strategies aimed at enhancing student success. These data are collected at various times throughout the student experience, and the findings from these surveys are summarized annually. Click the link below to explore recent reports that summarize and analyze responses to various student surveys.

Explore Survey Research findings

University Analytics

The ADS team has begun the process of developing analytical tools for JMU administrators to inform decisions made about students and their success. These decision support tools are housed in Tableau Server and access is granted on an as-needed basis. Click the Request Tableau Server Access link below to request access to specific content.

As we build out this set of decision support resources, the PAIR team will provide descriptions of these tools on this site along with recommended roles that may benefit from access. We look forward to sharing these resources with you as we work to enhance efforts to ensure student success.

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