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Federal regulations require James Madison University to disclose whether its licensure-related degree programs meet U.S. jurisdictions’ (states and territories) educational requirements for licensure (34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)). The office of the Associate Provost for Online Strategy maintains jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction information for students and prospective students on its state authorization web pages. 

A jurisdiction’s professional licensing boards often require applicants for licensure to meet multiple requirements, including specific educational requirements. An institution’s program might meet all of the educational requirements in one jurisdiction, but not another (for example, an applicant might need to complete an additional class).

Whether a JMU licensure program meets the educational requirement for licensure plays a role at different points in a student's engagement with the licensure program: as a prospective student of a licensure program, as a current student of a licensure program, and when engaged in an out-of-state learning experience (such as a field placement) required by the licensure program. At each point, JMU will determine if the program meets the educational requirements of the U.S. state or territory in which the prospective or current student (including students engaged in an out-of-state learning placement) is located. Depending on the determination, JMU might be required to deliver an individualized disclosure to the individual.

For reference, anyone can refer to JMU's public disclosure table at JMU Professional Licensure Program Status by Jurisdiction Index to determine if a JMU licensure program meets the educational requirements specified by the associated licensing board in a jurisdiction. To make this determination, a visitor can search the chart by selecting the Select Program button or by selecting the State or Territory button and selecting the program or jurisdiction from the dropdown menu. The Select Program option will indicate whether a program Meets Requirements or Does Not Meet Requirements for a state/territory (jurisdiction) or if JMU has Not Yet Determined the status. In rare cases, the table will indicate that JMU Cannot Determine the eduational requirements. The Select State or Territory option lists the status of all programs in that state or territory.

All interested parties are also encouraged to seek additional information for any jurisdiction in which they have an interest by contacting the jurisdiction. Each state name for each program links to a website for that state's/territory's licensing board or governmental agency that governs licensure for the program's associated profession.

Enrolled students who change their physical location while participating in a licensure program must notify JMU by contacting the University Registrar's Office. 

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