Below is the step-by-step reporting process for students who believe they have experienced discrimination or harassment. Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) if you would like to further discuss options.

OEO has created these resource guides to further support students:

Student Resources - Success on Campus

Student Resources - Support is Available

Report is filed/received

OEO will determine if Interim Measures are appropriate.

OEO completes the initial evaluation determination report

Dismisses report/compliant - does not meet threshold determination of policy violation


Initial meeting with the complainant to confirm factual allegations and discuss options regarding procedure selection

  1. Informal Procedures (could include restorative practices)
  2. Formal Procedures (OEO begins investigative process)
Formal Procedure
Proceeds to investigation, OEO conducts investigation (OEO Investigative report)
  1. Notification of the compliant to the respondent that a compliant has been filed and that policy 1324 applies (notice of investigation)
  2. Back and forth with both complainant and respondent for verification of information pertaining to the case
  3. OEO finalizes investigation and report which includes a recommendation of finding
  4. Report is shared with Panel. Panel reviews the report.
  5. A hearing is conducted (3 panelist are selected to serve)
  6. Panel makes a determination and appropriate sanctions
  7.  Sanctions:
    1. If a student is found in violation of the policy; sanctions are determined by the Panel
    2. If a student, OSARP receives the notice of the formal investigation (final decision if the student is found in violation of the policy)
  8. Appeal process for sanction only
    1. appeal to VP of Student Affairs
    2. final decision by VP
  9. Appeals: For complete details explaining the appeal process, see policy 1324 – page 15 section f and page 16 sections 1 and 2.
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