• Maintaining_Contact.jpg Maintain Contact

    As campuses and dorms close across the country, many students find themselves moving home prematurely.

  • Self-Care.jpg Self Care Practices You Can Do At Home

    As we’ve all transitioned to distance learning, it’s hard to iron out a concrete routine. The days blend together and the hours pass quickly, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to take t

  • Boundaries3.png Creating Boundaries With your Family

    As campuses and dorms close across the country, many students find themselves moving home prematurely.

  • Basic_Tips_Image.jpg Basic Tips to Promote Mental Health

    If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. The whole world is panicking, and everything has come to a grinding halt. As we’re left trying to make sense of the world that is falling a

  • Wilson_Stock.jpg Dolley Leadership Awards

    Students are away from JMU’s campus for the rest of the semester, but that doesn’t mean that we must be disconnected from our annual traditions. One important aspect of JMU’s culture is honoring those who contribute to t

  • ATO_Circle.jpg All Together One

    In 2002, President Rose used the phrase, “All together one,” in a speech to describe the JMU community, and the name stuck with ODK, a national student leadership organization. Celebrate the community spirit

  • Computer.jpg Keeping Student Orgs Connected

      In recent weeks, the COVID-19 Pandemic has sent shockwaves through nearly every community around the globe. This major historical event is impacting everyone, changing the way we work, learn, and interact with each ot

  • default image FSL's New Creation Presentation

    The issue of human trafficking is complex and close to many people’s hearts. If you’re looking to gain more insight into this topic, make sure to come out to Join the Movement to End Human Trafficking, an event put on by

  • Roommate Mixer Get to Know New People at the OCL Roommate Mixer

    Everyone’s heard a roommate horror story and while listening to them can be fun, no one wants to live one. If you want to avoid a rough roommate experience, check out Off Campus Life’s Roommate Mixer on Thursday, Novembe

  • FSL Resume Workshop FSL Resume Workshop: Add to and Improve Your Resume

    Are you stressed about life after graduation? Are you someone who wants to learn more about how your experience at JMU can contribute to finding job opportunities? Fraternity and Sorority Life has a great event for you!

  • JMU Letters Go Back to the 70s with UPB Bingo

    Looking for a good, groovy time? If so, be sure to go to UPB Bingo on Saturday, November 2nd from 8-10 PM in TDU!

  • Learn To Improve Relationships Learn to Improve Your Close, Personal Relationships

    On October 30th, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in SSC 4046, the Dux Leadership Center is hosting the Improving Close, Personal Relationships workshop to provide the right structure during college for students to go forth after co

  • Green Dot Green Dot: Everyone Has to Do Something

    If you’ve walked around campus this past month, you may have seen something about Green Dot. But what is Green Dot, exactly? Green Dot is an on-campus initiative that is working to change the culture surrounding power-ba

  • default image Performers Deliver Laughs and Realness at the UPB and SOGIE Drag Show

    Festival Ballroom was a little bit shinier than normal on Saturday, October 5th. UPB and Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) put on a Drag Show featuring the glamorous drag queens of Rhinestone Pr

  • Crazy Commons Get Crazy in the Commons

    As JMU’s campus expands, the Commons in between D‑hall and Madison Union provides a central location to bring the student body together. Student organizations, fraternities, and sororities use the space throughout the ye

  • JMU Letters MAD4U Promotes JMU Spirit with Their Football Watch Parties

    The JMU campus always feels a little too quiet on fall weekends when the football team has an away game. Home games bring spirit and excitement to the student body, and MAD4U believes that away games should be able to do

  • Daniel-Franzese-Image-300x200 Daniel Franzese Taps into Mean Girls Nostalgia for Comedy Night

    As students flooded into Grafton, the iconic mantra “on Wednesdays we wear pink” seemed to echo. UPB members were all decked out in pink shirts in honor of Daniel Franzese, known widely for his role as “Damien” in the no

  • Jared Featherstone Quieting the mind

    Contemplative practices are ways to meet students' stress management needs in an often too-busy world.

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