Denise Schulz is a long-time music educator and choral conductor who, after a career as lead musician in churches, has recently graduated from JMU with a Masters in Music, emphasis in Music Education. While attending JMU, she was selected for an internship in the UK through the Sideny DeHaan Research Center for Arts and Health where she assisted with research projects. During her internship Denise studied extensively how the UK and other European countries employ singing to enrich the lives of senior adults and to improve mental health for caregivers and Alzheimer's patients. Of specific interest to her were the research and methods used in the UK investigating group singing to increase lung function for those with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory difficulties. 

Utilizing her experience and recent studies, Denise is now offering group singing opportunities in the Shenandoah Valley which feature singing for fun while highlighting good vocal practices and better breathing. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Denise now lives in Stanley, Virginia, with her husband, Tony, and their Maltese, Harley. In addition to group and private teaching, she is also the Director of the Page County Community Choir. 


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