Joseph Taylor

Joseph Taylor


Professor, Music Industry

It’s been a good ride. I was (and still am) the founder, principal songwriter, producer, and keyboard player for the rock group Undercover. Some might even (and do, in fact) call us seminal. I was also the founder and general manager of Brainstorm Artists International / Innocent Media, a production company and record label distributed by Sony Music and Word Records in the US and by international distributors and licensees all over the world.

As a performer, I toured the US, Canada and Europe regularly, headlining up to 250 concerts per year at venues including the Cornerstone, Greenbelt and Flevo Festivals, The Pacific Amphitheater, Anaheim Convention Center, Disneyland, Six Flags, the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Los Angeles Street Scene, and National Youth Workers Conventions in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

I’ve also produced or executive-produced around 100 full-length recordings including the debut by the Grammy Award nominated group Anointed and multiple Dove Award winners. These records have produced dozens of Billboard top-ten radio singles in various formats including national #1 (ASCAP certified) and #2 singles with my own group. I was on a steering committee at UCLA that worked with the Microsoft Corporation on development strategies for Interactive Media in Spanish-speaking countries, and served as Administrative Director of the Da Camera Society, producer of Chamber Music in Historic Sites.

I earned my MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles and MM in Theory and Composition from California State University, Fullerton. I studied with and learned from a lot of great and very smart people. I teach History of Rock, Songwriting, Artist Management, Legal Aspects of the Music industry, Marketing of Recorded Music, Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry and Music Publishing.  Thank you for reading!

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