Notable Pieces


“Festive Overture” - Dmitri Shostakovich/Hunsberger

“Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Paganini” - James Barnes

“Autumn Walk” - Julian Work

“Roma” - Valerie Coleman

“Out to Sea and The Shark Cage Fugue” - John Williams/Bocook

“Harry’s Wondrous World” - John Williams/Lavender

“Sensemayá” - Silvestre Revaultas/Bencriscutto

“Red Sky” (Trombone Concerto) - Anthony Barfield [Dr. Andrew Lankford, faculty trombone soloist]

“Circuits” - Cindy McTee

“Duende” - Luis Serrano Alarcón

Symphonic Band
“Mother Earth: A Fanfare” - David Maslanka

“Honey in the Rock” - Donald Grantham 

“Molly on the Shore” - Percy Grainger

“Paris Sketches” - Martin Ellerby

Wind Symphony
“Bum’s Rush” - Donald Grantham

“Symphony No. IV: Bookmarks from Japan” - Julie Giroux

Sinfonía No. 3 “La Salsa” I. Tumbao - Roberto Sierra/Scatterday

“Variations on America” - Ives/Schuman/Rhoads

“Andante and Hungarian Rondo” - Carl Maria von Weber/R. Mark Rogers [Dr. Sue Barber, faculty bassoon soloist]

“Sweet Chariot” - Carlos Simon

“Carmina Burana” - Carl Orff/Krance

Symphonic Band
"Safety, A Fluttered Heart" - Joe Jaxson (World Premiere/JMU Student Composer)

"Saturn Returns" - Michael Markowski, Guest Composer [Amy Birdsong, guest conductor]

Wind Symphony 
"City Trees" - Michael Markowski, Guest Composer

"Distant Mountains" - Jack Yagerline (World Premiere/JMU Student Composer)

"Matsuri" - Eric Guinivan, Faculty Composer (World Premiere, 2022 Walter Beeler Memorial Prize Winner)

    I. Fireworks at Ryogoku Bridge
    II. Bells on New Year's Eve
    III. The Burning of Mount Wakakusa


"Urban Requiem" for Sax Quartet & Wind Ensemble" - Michael Colgrass

"Shanghai Overture" - Bright Sheng

"Catfish Row" (music of Porgy and Bess) - Gershwin/Hunsburger 
Dr. Sonya Baker, soprano & Michael Richardson, baritone [starts at 37:50]

"Postcard" - Frank Ticheli

"Caboclo (Flute Concerto)" - Jess Langston Turner
Dr. Beth Chandler Cahill, flute

"Ecstatic Waters" - Steven Bryant

"The Wild Goose" - Ryan George

"Come Sunday" - Omar Thomas




Maslanka's Remarks at 22:45 & 1:12:10

Symphonic Band - "Give Us This Day" (28:10)

Wind Symphony - "A Child's Garden of Dreams" (1:18:20)



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