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The Madison Singers (MUAP 341/541/641)

The Madison Singers is the JMU advanced auditioned choral chamber ensemble. The Madison Singers perform a wide variety of musical genres from the Renaissance to the present, and maintains an active and demanding concert schedule, both on and off campus. This ensemble focuses extensively on advanced techniques of singing, as well as choral and harmonic skills. We explore, prepare and present advanced repertoire that is expressive of the diversity of the human spirit throughout both music history and world cultures. We rehearse to build a high caliber ensemble which functions as a team, empowers its members, brings joy to its audiences and reaches out in service to the wider community.

The JMU Chorale (MUAP 340/540/640)

The James Madison University Chorale is an auditioned mixed ensemble designed to provide an accelerated choral experience for advanced collegiate singers. The Chorale is a touring ensemble that performs with the JMU Symphony Orchestra each year, is the choir-in-residence for the annual JMU-ACDA High School Choralfest, and is a featured ensemble at the annual Holidayfest Concert.

The Treble Chamber Choir (MUAP 235/535)

The Treble Chamber Choir (TCC) is the select auditioned soprano and alto ensemble. Consisting of predominantly freshman and sophomore vocal music majors, this ensemble is designed to provide a platform for the discovery and presentation of often untapped advanced treble repertoire.

University Chorus: Soprano/Alto Ensemble (UCSA) (MUAP 236)

The James Madison University Chorus: Soprano/Alto Ensemble (UCSA) is the non-auditioned ensemble component of the JMU University Chorus for soprano and alto voices. Numbering from 60 - 85 voices, the UCSA performs music of various styles and genres as appropriate to the needs and levels of the group, and is appropriate for the beginning to intermediate collegiate singer who desires voice building and musical training. This ensemble performs both on and off campus.

University Chorus: Tenor/Bass Ensemble (UCTB) (MUAP 234)

The James Madison University Chorus: Tenor/Bass Ensemble is a non-auditioned ensemble open to all tenor and bass voices at JMU. It is offered especially to non-music majors and music majors alike, focusing on vocal pedagogy, musical training, and high-quality singing, while tapping into Tenor/Bass literature. Modeled after the Harvard and Yale Glee Club tradition, this 30-40-voice ensemble performs both on and off-campus, presenting concerts at churches and schools throughout the local area. 

Ensemble Directors

Stephen Bolstad

Stephen P. Bolstad
Professor, Director of Bands
Ensemble Area Coordinator
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Foster Beyers
Assistant Professor
Director of Orchestras
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Chuck Dotas

Chuck Dotas
Professor, Director of Jazz Studies
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Bryce Hayes

W. Bryce Hayes
Associate Professor, Associate Director of Choral Activities
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Scott Rikkers

Scott Rikkers
Director of the Marching Royal Dukes, Assistant Director of Bands
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Kevin Stees

Kevin J. Stees
Professor, Conductor of the JMU Brass Band
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Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy

Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy
Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities, Coordinator of Voice Area
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Nieves Villaseñor
Assistant Director of Athletic Bands
Director of Pep Band

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