timothy-desimone.pngBachelor of Music with a concentration in Instrumental Music Education, minor in Jazz Studies

Class of 2021

Timothy DeSimone is in his second year as Band Director at Wilson Middle School in Fishersville, VA. During this time, enrollment has grown from 43 to over 110 students. He has introduced a regular Jazz Band, Pep Band, and is co-chair of the Gifted and Talented Committee. He was named Wilson Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2023, and Augusta County Middle School Teacher of the Month in October 2022. As voted by his peers, he will serve a two year term as representative for Disrict V of the VBODA from July 2023-2025. 

Timothy's administrators had some excellent words about him as a person and an educator:

"Mr. DeSimone is an incredible teacher. He intentionally plans his lessons and his curriculum to build musical skills so that students are prepared to be successful in high school band. Additionally, he works hard to ensure that the music he chooses for his class fit "just right." They aren't too easy and aren't too hard. He ensures that his students get good feedback and even encourages his students to teach their parents about proper instrument care. He's an excellent supportive colleague and plays an integral part of the WMS community."

How did JMU and the School of Music influence and shape your life?

I really appreciated that my professors set high expectations for me both musically and academically. Being pushed to pursue opportunities outside the set curriculum (organizations like the Center for Inclusive Music Engagement, or practicums with community organizations) gave me experiences that directly impact my everyday teaching today. Even now, I am still collaborating with and learning from my professors as they come to work with my classes, or as we play in various community ensembles together. 

What are your favorite memories from your time at JMU?

My favorite memories in the JMU School of Music are the times I spent with the other music education students in my "cohort." My class included people from every corner of Virginia and around the United States. Learning from their perspectives and watching them teach in our classes was a very strong influence on me. I will still text or call some of them frequently to ask how they are teaching specific concepts, or to steal ideas I can replicate in my band room. Seeing them at the Virginia Music Educators Association Conference is one of my favorite times of the year!

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