Soon Hee Rettig

Class of 1992

Music Performance/Industry


What are you currently doing/what is current job?

I currently work as a composer/musician and a filmmaker (producer, director, writer).  My publisher is the FJH Music Company, Inc.  

Do you get back to campus and, if so, how often?

Since I live across the country, I’ve only been back to campus once to teach some sessions to music directors during their Spring String Thing.  Would love to come back more often and have yet to see the Performing Arts Center!

Friends you went to JMU with and haven’t been able to keep in contact with.

I’m so proud of so many friends and colleagues I knew at JMU.  I keep in touch with a fair amount and hear updates on all of my super talented and successful classmates.  Definitely some of my best friends and memories came from my time at JMU.

Anything you want to share?

I still use on a daily basis some of the great lessons and training I received at JMU.  I miss getting to see some of my best friends everyday and the commanderie of playing in ensembles and performing some great music together.

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