Julian King ('88)

Julian King

SUMMARY: An interview with Julian King ('88)

What are you currently doing/what is current job?

Record Producer and Grammy winning Recording Engineer 

When did you graduate?


Do you get back to campus and, if so, how often?

Rarely make it back but did stop thru at Jess’ this
summer on our way North for a wedding. Campus is sure growing!
Fondest (or funniest) memory from your time at JMU.  Well I met my wife there….. I just remember
the awesome hang time at the former Wampler rehearsal area. We spent a lot of time in that funky
old building...

Friends you went to JMU with and haven’t been able to keep in contact with (we might be able to
facilitate this through their reading this!).

Social media has made it much easier to see what is going
on in the lives of my old friends. I do miss seeing them and having them as a part of my everyday
life. I can reach these guys and gals but wish I could see more of them...Rich Deluca, Jim
Pennington, David Boyer, Clark Bowers, Chris McGee, Jim Haverstrom, Biff Elson, Susan Freeland,
Sue Linder, Tony Falcone, Sappy, Cozy, and I am sure there are many others I have not listed.

Anything you want to share? (either what you learned at JMU/what you miss from your college days,

Thanks so much! Marching Band and Ensembles in general are great examples for showing the
importance of team work. Those of you who play monophonic instruments should consider
embracing guitar or piano to broaden your understanding of chord structure ( am still working on that
one). Taking the time to practice the things that you are NOT good at is very important. I wish I had
spent more time sight reading and improvising and less time practicing playing LOUD and HIGH.

Published: Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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