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We cultivate wellness, connection, and engaged learning in the JMU community through the study, experience, and application of contemplative practices.


To be a catalyst to create space for inner work, outer engagement, inspiration, and transformation.


As we study, experience, and apply contemplative practices, we value developing and encouraging understanding of self, others, and the world.

  • Noticing body, breath, feelings, and thoughts without judgment.
  • Describing connections between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Community reports experiencing enhanced clarity and focus.

The movement towards equilibrium among the various components of the JMU community and beyond.

  • Appreciation of diverse ideas, individuals, and experiences.
  • Cultivation of respectful, appreciative, collaborative interactions within the JMU community.
  • Creation of equilibrium through thoughtful consideration of all perspectives.
  • Demonstrated by increasing evidence of well-being and tranquility in the JMU community.

We consistently work towards shared goals, utilizing the talents, skills, and abilities of the JMU community towards a vision that is global and inclusive.

  • We practice deep listening, striving to be present, reflect back what we have heard, and ask clarifying questions to gain understanding.
  • We practice patience with each other through disagreement and misunderstanding, listening as ideas are communicated and encouraging processing and reflection.
  • We actively seek and invite collaborations from unlikely places.

Tuning in to others in a kind and sensitive way in order to alleviate suffering and create loving connections. 

  • The JMU community reports feeling supported in the pursuit of contemplative studies and practices.
  • Observable acts of kindness are the norm.
  • The JMU community practices deep listening.

Creating a welcoming environment where all people—including those with marginalized voices—feel accepted and free to participate.

  • We embrace a broad spectrom of contemplative practices.
  • Working toward a culture where all members feel their voices are valued and their contributions are essential.
  • Inviting and welcoming all individuals from the JMU community to engage in and explore contemplative practices.

The arising of personal or universal insight through study, dialogue, teaching, or practice.

  • Letting go of preconceptions, cherished notions, and allegiances that might inhibit direct, authentic experience.
  • The community reports expansion and deeper cognitive awareness through mindfulness and a wide range of contemplative practices.
  • We are committed to the ongoing and ever-evolving unfolding of truth.

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