Every year, female mathematicians and scientists are invited to share their experiences and interest in math and science with the participants of the EYH Conference.  The addresses are open to the entire community.

The 2017 speakers will be Dr. Cynthia Bauerle and Ms. Beth Mellot.

Dr. Cynthia Bauerle, James Madison University (Ph.D. Molecular Biology) 

Dr. Bauerle earned her B.A. in Biology from the University of Virginia and her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Molecular Biology Institute at the University of Oregon. Dr. Bauerle is Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at James Madison University. Previously, she was Assistant Director in the Undergraduate and Graduate Science Education division at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a professor at several primarily undergraduate institutions. Dr. Bauerle is the fortunate daughter of microbiologist Ronald Bauerle, and proud mother of a daughter who is completing her first year of college in chemical engineering.

Ms. Beth Mellott, Booz Allen Hamilton (B.S. Computer Science, M.A. Education)

Ms. Mellott received her B.S. in Computer Engineering and her Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Instructional Technology, both from Virginia Tech. Her career at Booz Allen Hamilton has included positions in Systems Engineering, Instructional Design, and Human Resources. She has served in several different positions with the Society for Women Engineers over the past 10 years. Ms. Mellott is married and a mother to three elementary age students. She is a Girl Scout leader and council trainer and involved in her church.

The 2016 Morning speaker was Dr. Theresa Rutledge, Preston Memorial Hospital (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)

The 2016 Afternoon speaker was Dr. Morgan Steffen, JMU Department of Biology (Ph.D. Microbiology)

The 2015 Morning Speaker was Dr. Shalyn CrawfordFour Star Equine Veterinary Services (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).

The 2015 Afternoon Speaker was Dr. Kimberly F. Sellers, Georgetown University (Ph.D. Statistics).

The 2014 Morning Speaker was Dr. Melyni Worth, Foxden Equine (Ph.D. Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology).

The 2014 Afternoon Speaker was Dr. Caroline Lubert, JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Ph.D. Engineering).

The 2013 Opening Speaker was Dr. Elise Barrella, JMU Department of Engineering (Ph.D Civil Engineering).

The 2013 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Crystal Brogan, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy).

The 2012 Opening Speaker was Dr. Debra Warne, JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Ph. D. Mathematics).

The 2012 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Alissa S. Crans, Loyola Marymount University (Ph.D. Mathematics).

The 2011 Opening Speaker was Dr. Carla Martin,  JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Ph.D. Applied Mathematics).

The 2011 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University (Ph.D. Mathematics).

The 2010 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Kyle Myers, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Ph.D. Optical Sciences).

The 2009 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Kathryn Thornton, former NASA astronaut (Ph.D. Physics).

The 2008 Keynote Speaker was Dr. Monica Neagoy (Ph.D. Mathematics Education).

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