*All students and accompanying adults must register in advance in order to attend EYH. The information below describes the registration process for the 2019 conference.  Updated registration information for the 2020 conference will be posted by the middle of February 2020.*

Registration for Students in Grades 6-8 (Three Required Steps)

Step 1: Submit the online Phase 1 Pre-Registration Form.

All students who want to attend EYH must pre-register via the link at the bottom of this section.  Pre-registration will be open from 9 am on Friday, February 8, 2019 until 9 pm on Saturday, February 16, 2019.  Students can pre-register either as an individual or within a group, but each student can only pre-register once.  Pre-registration does NOT guarantee you a spot in the conference.  All students who pre-register will either be accepted into the conference or placed on a waiting list.  Students who are accepted must then complete additional steps to finish their conference registration and secure their spot.  If more students pre-register than we have spots available, a randomized lottery system will be used to determine which students are accepted into the conference.  This means that acceptance into the conference is not a first-come, first-served process.  (This is a change from last year.)  Please remember to check your calendar before pre-registering to ensure that the student will be able to attend EYH if accepted.

Acceptance decisions will be emailed by Tuesday, February 19th from eyh@jmu.edu If you are accepted into EYH, you will be emailed instructions for finishing your online registration to secure your spot at EYH and choose your workshops. Failure to finish your online registration by submitting the Phase 2 Registration Form within the prescribed time will forfeit your spot at EYH, and your spot will be offered to a student on the waiting list.  See the registration timeline below for important dates for this process. 

The Two Types of Pre-registration
(Each student may be pre-registered in only 1 of these 2 ways.)

  • Individual Pre-registration: Students pre-registered as individuals will be accepted or waitlisted on an individual basis. If you pre-register multiple students as individuals, it is possible that not all of them will be offered spots in the conference, and the students will not be able to attend together.
  • Group Pre-registration: Students who want to attend with their siblings, classmates, friends, etc., can pre-register as a group of 2 to 20 students.The entire group will be accepted or waitlisted as a single unit.  A single adult contact pre-registers the entire group at one time, serves as the email contact for the entire group for acceptance decisions and instructions, and is responsible for making sure each student in the group finishes their online registration and submits their release form packet on time if the group is accepted. To pre-register a group, the adult contact will need to know the following information for each student in the group: First Name, Last Name, School Name, Home or School Zip Code, Student's Grade, Whether the student has attended EYH before.  A paper form you can use to collect this information is posted here.


Phase 1 Pre-registration for the 2019 Conference is closed.  Pre-registration ended on February 16th at 9pm.


Step 2: Finish the student's online registration by submitting the Phase 2 Registration Form by the deadline in the student's acceptance email. 

Accepted individuals and groups will be emailed instructions for completing the online Phase 2 registration form.  This step is required to secure your spot.  Failure to complete the Phase 2 registration form by the deadline listed in the emailed instructions will forfeit your spot at EYH, and your spot will be offered to a student on the waiting list. Completing the Phase 2 registration form is an individual process for each student. The form will ask for additional contact information, lunch preferences, t-shirt sizes, and the student’s top 6 workshop choices.  The individual workshops fill on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s possible that some of the choices will be not be available when you complete your registration.  Please have backup choices planned and try to complete your registration as soon as possible for the widest selection of workshop choices.  Students accepted from the waitlist may be asked to choose from categories of workshops instead of specific workshops. 


Step 3: Complete and submit a Release Form Packet.

The Release and Consent Packet contains liability release documents and consent and assent forms related to program evaluation. Students must have a parent/guardian complete and sign the release form in order to attend. The consent and assent forms are optional, and further details regarding these documents are included on the front page of the packet.

Completed release forms will be turned in when you arrive at the EYH conference on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Bring your completed forms to the conference check-in table when you arrive on March 16th.  If you are dropping off your child at EYH, please come inside with them until they are checked in. If your child is coming to the conference with someone other than a parent/guardian, please triple-check that they have a completed and signed release/permission form with them when they leave for the conference.

Link to Release Form Packet


2019 EYH Registration Timeline

Fri, February 8 (opens 9 am) – Sat, February 16 (closes 9 pm)

Online Pre-registration (Phase 1) Open

Tues, February 19

Acceptance and Waitlist Decisions Announced via Email

Weds, February 20 (opens 7 pm) – Tues, February 26 (closes 9 pm)

Accepted Students Submit the Phase 2 Registration Form to Finish their Online Registration

(Complete this form early for the best selection of workshop choices.)

Weds, February 27 – Tues, March, 5

Students accepted from the waitlist are notified by email and complete online registration by the deadline listed in the email.

Saturday, March 16

Completed Release Forms signed by a parent/guardian are submitted at the conference by all fully registered students.


Registration for Adults Accompanying a Student to EYH

We have plenty of space for accompanying adults, but all adults planning to attend must register for the conference after their student has finished both phases of online registration.  The emailed instructions for accepted students will include information for how to register as an adult accompanying accepted students. Again, adults do NOT need to submit a form during the pre-registration period as accompanying adults will be invited to register later.

How to Cancel Your Registration or Pre-registration If You Can No Longer Attend

If you discover after registering/pre-registering that you can no longer attend EYH, it is extremely important that you cancel your registration/pre-registration by emailing eyh@jmu.edu as soon as possible.  No-shows waste our limited financial resources and take spaces in workshops that could be filled with other interested participants.  By canceling your registration if you cannot attend, you help us to accommodate more students and keep EYH free for all participants.

Pictures from EYH 2017

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