*All students and accompanying adults must register in advance in order to attend EYH.*

How to Register a Student in Grades 6-9 (Two Steps)

1. Complete the online student registration form.

A registration form must be completed for each student who will be attending.  Due to increasing demand for EYH, available student spaces will be released on a staggered schedule.  There will be two phases of registration (General Registration and Limited Registration).

  • During General Registration, each student will indicate their top 6 workshop choices from the list of workshops on the EYH website.  When an individual workshop fills, it will no longer be listed as option on the registration form.
  • During Limited Registration, individual workshop choices will not be available.  Students will instead rank their interest in the following categories of workshops on the registration form: Biology, Computers, Engineering, Health Science, Math/Statistics, and Physical Science (i.e. Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics).

Registration spaces will be released according to the following schedule.  The registration system will close temporarily at the end of each registration block or when all available spaces in that block are full, whichever occurs first.  Historically, the first two registration blocks have filled very quickly.  If you try to register and the registration system says that registration is closed, please return at the next listed time to register.  There will not be a waiting list for the conference.

Block Date/Time Number of Spaces Released
1 Friday, Feb. 23, 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM*** 90 (General Registration) FULL
2 Friday, Feb. 23, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM*** 75 (General Registration) FULL
3 Friday, Feb. 23, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM*** 25 (General Registration) FULL
4 Saturday, Feb. 24, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM*** 20 (General Registration) FULL
5 Sunday, Feb. 25, 2:00 PM until all spaces are filled 30 (Limited Registration)

*** The ending times of all registration blocks are tentative.  Blocks will close earlier than the announced time if all of the available spaces for that block have been filled.

Please complete the registration form only once for each student registrant.  Once you reach the confirmation screen after completing and submittting the registration form, you are registered even if you don't receive a confirmation email.  Multiple registrations of a single student make it extremely challenging to keep the registration system open for as long as possible for everyone.

Current Status of the Registration System: Closed until 2:00PM on Sunday, February 25th.  Note that the spaces released on Sunday will be limited registration spaces, which means you'll indicate your interest in categories of workshops instead of individual workshop choices.

Note that in between registration blocks you may see a message on the registration site that says: "We have accepted all the registrations we can at this time. Registration is closed. We're sorry we missed you." This will only be true until the next block begins.

Link to the STUDENT Registration Form

2. Complete and submit a release form for each student participant.

The Release and Consent Packet contains liability release documents and consent and assent forms related to program evaluation. Students must have a parent complete and sign the release form in order to attend. The consent and assent forms are optional, and further details regarding these documents are included on the front page of the packet.

Completed release forms will be turned in when you arrive at the EYH conference on Saturday, March 17, 2018. (Please do not submit forms in advance - this is a change from last year.) Bring your completed forms to the conference check-in table when you arrive on March 17th.  If you are dropping off your child at EYH, please come inside with them until they are checked in. If your child is coming to the conference with someone other than a parent/guardian, please triple-check that they have a completed and signed release/permission form with them when they leave for the conference.

Download the Release and Consent Packet

How to Register as an Adult Accompanying a Student or as a Teacher (One Step)

All adults planning to stay at EYH during the conference must register by completing the online adult registration form.  During registration, adults will indicate which adult workshops they plan to attend.  If you are registering as an adult to accompany a student to EYH, please complete the student’s registration first as the student spaces will fill much more quickly.

Link to the ADULT Registration Form

Having trouble accessing the adult form before the registration system closes? Don't worry. There will be another opportuity for accompanying adults to register after student registration ends - just watch for an email early next week to the email address you used to register your student.

How to Apply to Volunteer at EYH (Open to Past EYH Participants Who Are Currently in 10th Grade)

Past EYH Participants who are currently 10th graders can apply for a new volunteer program.  More details about the application process can be found on the High School Volunteer Program page.

How to Cancel Your Registration If You Can No Longer Attend

If you discover after registering that you can no longer attend EYH, it is extremely important that you cancel your registration by emailing eyh@jmu.edu as soon as possible.  No-shows waste our limited financial resources and take spaces in workshops that could be filled with other interested participants.  By canceling your registration if you cannot attend, you help us to accommodate more students and keep EYH free for all participants.

Pictures from EYH 2017

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