We meet you where you are. All appointments are online.

Engage your multilingual perspective. 

Your langauges, culture, and personality create a way you see the world. Your ideas are valuable, and engaging at JMU adds depth to the campus conversation. We are here to support you in getting your point across. 

Bring your work or your words.

In a session, you can work on your assignments or hone specific skills, such as academic writing. Come to a meeting with work you want to submit and we will go through an editing process with you. Let us know what you want to communicate and we help you sharpen your skills. 

We listen and coach you in the next steps to meet your goals. 

We have expertise in langauge acquisition, second langauge writing, and multilingual education. Meet our faculty and see why we love working with language.

Invest in your voice with an appointment today!

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