Interested in joining our team of peer educators in the Learning Centers?

The Learning Centers employ over 100 peer educators across our five programs!  Check out the details below to learn more about what our peer educators do, the benefits of being a Learning Centers employee, and to access hiring information for each program!

Who is a "peer educator"?

Peer educators are trained JMU students who offer free academic support to the JMU community!  The learning assistance our peer educators provide looks different in each area of the Learning Centers, and we often refer to peer educators as tutors, consultants, or leaders.  

You could be a peer educator in one of our five programs:

Perks of Being a Peer Educator in the Learning Centers:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Professional development and training opportunities
  • Faculty mentorship
  • Being part of an awesome community
  • Making an impact on the JMU community by supporting fellow Dukes!
  • ...and so much more!
Communication Center

Peer educators in the Communication Center help members of the JMU community develop skills in public speaking, library research, small group communication, and advocacy through workshops, individual and small group tutoring, and online resources.  

Become a Peer Educator in the Communication Center

Multilingual Student Services

Peer educators in Multilingual Student Services (MSS) offer tutoring and workshops to help multilingual students improve their proficiency using academic English.  MSS also works with faculty to support multilingual students in their classes.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer educators in Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS, or Supplemental Instruction) provide student-facilitated academic support for difficult courses across campus, especially in science and math. They lead evening study sessions to reinforce course content and help students develop study skills.  

Become a PASS Leader

Science and Math Learning Center

Peer educators in the Science and Math Learning Center (SMLC) offer drop-in tutoring and online support to help students understand course content, homework assignments and lab reports in many first and second year physics, chemistry, math, and statistics courses. 

Become an SMLC Tutor

University Writing Center

Peer educators in the University Writing Center (UWC) offer tutoring, consultations, workshops, and online resources to support all types of writing, including class assignments, scholarly articles, fiction and personal narratives, and professional writing.  The UWC also supports faculty in their teaching, scholarly, and service efforts related to writing.

Become a Consultant in the UWC

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