James Madison University's President Alger welcomes you to the 2021 Leading Change Virtual Conference

Schedule for Wednesday February 17, 2021

Open to all registered for LEADCC

SSLS students, faculty, and alumni reunite! 

Schedule for Thursday February 18, 2021

Icebreaker Session by topic groups.

10:15-11:15 a.m.          Ask the Expert: Susan Murphy, Ph.D. Moderated by Karen A. Ford, D.S.W.


10:15-11:30 a.m.          Expert Panel: Tackling complex problems with leadership and systems thinking


Session 1a: Technological Advances and Considerations for Leadership
Discussant: Andy Miller, Eastern Mennonite University/James Madison University
Chair: Brooke Z. Graham, James Madison University

Leadership in an Artificial Intelligence Era
Tatjana Titareva, James Madison University
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Self-Guiding Behavioral Change using a Mobile App
Kyriakos Tsoukalas, Virginia Tech 

The Leadership of Hans Jonas: Responsibility in a Technological Age
Moriah Poliakoff, Boston College

Session 1b: Leader-Follower Relations and Resources
Discussant: Ibukun 'Dami' Alegbeleye, University of Southern Maine
Chair: Whitney Tate, James Madison University

Traits as (Social) Resources
Laura Leduc, James Madison University

The Mobius Strip:  A Twist in Thinking about Leader-Follower Relationships          
Eric Kaufman, Virginia Tech
Austin Council, Virginia Tech
Ibukun 'Dami' Alegbeleye, University of Southern Maine
Perry D. Martin, Virginia Tech"
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Choice Theory: Unlocking the Success of the “Japanese Post-War Economic Miracle” for American Companies  
Marcus Hubbard, James Madison University
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Break for lunch.

Session 2a: Advancing Non-Profit Leadership
Discussant:  Andrew Schoeneman, University of Richmond
Chair: Kai Degner, James Madison University

Nonprofit Organizational Leadership Literature Review
Margaret Sloan, James Madison University
Maureen Malomba, James Madison University

Small Nonprofit Collaboration: Exploring practice implications for rural organizations
Terry Fernsler, James Madison University
Karen A. Ford, James Madison University
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Assessing Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Measure Program Outcomes in Human Service Organizations
Katrina Miller-Stevens, Colorado College
Zach Benevento-Zahner, Colorado College
Gabrielle L'Esperance, University of Nebraska-Omaha
Jennifer A. Taylor, James Madison University
Mia Solberg, Colorado College

Session 2b: Leading in Context
Discussant: Dan Finseth, Bridgewater College/James Madison University
Chair: Kathleen Johnson, James Madison University 

QuasiSchool Leaders:  The Lived Experiences of High School Counseling Directors and Their Role in Schools
Andrea Simon, Old Dominion University
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A Matter of Life and Work, Pre- and Post-COVID:  Work-Life Balance Perceptions and Practices Among College Leaders at Four-Year Institutions Recognized as Great Places to Work
Jacklyn Kuehn, Hofstra University
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Leadership in Emergency Management & Resilience
Norah Alshayhan, Old Dominion University
Wie Yusuf, Old Dominion University

Navigating Crisis: Future Pathways for Non-profit Financial Leadership




Session 3a: Diversity and Inclusivity Issues
Discussant: Donovan Branche, Mary Baldwin University
Chair: Emily Irungu, James Madison University

Diversity  and  Inclusion  Toolbox:  Action  Items  for  the  Nonprofit  Sector
Donovan Branche, Mary Baldwin University
Karen A. Ford, James Madison University
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Diversification as a Strategy: A Research-Based Plan for Arts Organizations to Cultivate New Audiences 
Keith Claassen, Virginia Commonwealth University
James Perkins, Virginia Commonwealth University"

The  Value  of  Cultural  Responsiveness to  Educational Leadership  and  the  Role  of Preparation  Programs   
Emiola Oyefuga, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeffery Wilson, Virginia Commonwealth University
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Growing Women Leaders on our campuses 
Lois Jarman, Shepherd University
Ann Wendle, Shepherd University 

Session 3b: Strategic Change 
Discussant: Nick Swayne, 4-VA/James Madison University
Chair: Elizabeth Narehood, James Madison University

Attentiveness to Relationships is Vital in a Highly Dynamic Organization    
Terry Fernsler, James Madison University
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Strategic  Planning  as  Action  Research:  Envisioning  the  Future  of  a  University  Library
Greg Smith, Liberty University
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How an interdisciplinary approach facilitates organizational resilience: A case study on leadership through uncertainty
Sombo Muzata Chunda, Virginia Commonwealth University

Schedule for Friday February 19, 2021


Higher Education Leadership in the New Decade: Cliffs, Opportunities, and Recoveries



Leadership Strategies for Non-profit Resilience


10:45-11:45 a.m.         

Ask the Expert: Dr. Pamela Eddy Book Talk, Q&A "Leading for Tomorrow: A Primer for Succeeding in Higher Education Leadership"


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10:45 am-12:15 p.m.         

The Future of Organizational Leadership: Perspectives from Private Industry and Government Sectors


Discussant: Adam Vanhove, James Madison University
Chair: Kristi Shackelford, James Madison University

 “We are going to be okay”:  Women* Senior Administrators in Higher Education during Times of Crisis"
Katrina Struloeff, Drexel University
Kimberly Sterin, Drexel University
Christopher J. Fornaro, Drexel University
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How does a leader’s meaningmaking of their traumatic experience influence their post-trauma leadership identity?”   
Julia Wiener, Indiana Wesleyan University

How Leaders Propose MeaningMaking:  A Psychological Perspective         
Dominick Hankle, Regent University
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Discussant: Adam Vanhove, James Madison University
Chair: Brian Smallwood, James Madison University 

Through the Fire Again: Using Derailment Research to Lead Change in the COVID-19 Era 
Jeff Strietzel, Baylor University
Ryan Erck, Baylor University
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A Rural  Perspective  on  COVID  Responses:  Access,  Interdependence,  and  Community
Margaret F. Sloan, James Madison University
Laura Hunt Trull, James Madison University
Maureen Malomba, James Madison University
Emily Akerson, James Madison University
Kelly Atwood, James Madison University
Melody Eaton, James Madison University

University Administrators Serving International Students During Social and Organizational Change
Luda Patokina, Hofstra University
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Best Paper Awards announced

Closing remarks from Dr. Michael Busing, Dean of the JMU College of Business and Betty Coe ('64) & Paul J. Cinquegrana Endowed Chair in Business Ethics & Leadership

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