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The Organizational Science and Leadership Concentration Prepares Students for Careers in...
  • Organizational leadership
  • Academic instruction and research
  • Management consulting 
  • Human resource management 

“The Organizational Science and Leadership concentration within the School of Strategic Leadership studies provides a focus for me on how human behavior occurs within organizational structures. The application of these studies can be applied broadly in our society. Personally, I look forward to exploring issues I never fully understood throughout my work life. Such study should prepare me for teaching at the graduate level and contributing to the scholarly literature.”

-Jim Krauss, Current Student

Jim Krauss current student quote
Adam Vanhove
Dr. Adam J. Vanhove
Assistant Professor
Organizational Science Concentration Coordinator

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The Need for Organizational Leadership

The organizational sciences are dedicated to the study of organizational well-being, the members that comprise organizations, and the attributing factors determining the overall health of organizations. The United States Department of Labor has rated the industrial-organizational professional consultant as one of the fastest growing occupations with a projected job increase of 53.4% by 2022.

The innovative leadership skills, which you will gain while earning your Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership, will provide you with a rigorous experience that emphasizes the critical role of organizational behavior and leadership in twenty-first century society and an in-depth study and research of organizational policy, change leadership, ethics, financial structures, performance measurements, and public-private partnerships.

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