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Prepares Students for Careers in...
  • Nonprofit Management
  • College-level instruction
  • Consulting
  • Researcher/Writing


Alumni Roles:

  • Consultant
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • President/CEO
  • Researcher

"I specifically sought an innovative PhD program that would refine my skill set in Non-Profit Management and Business so I could become an effective founder, fundraiser, and researcher for a NonProfit organization promoting Thyroid Cancer research and prevention. As a “Double Duke,” I was  well aware of the outstanding quality of the JMU’s faculty, and their unwavering commitment to empower students to change the world."

- Theresa Reimbold, Ph.D. (2020)

Theresa Reimbold

Margaret Sloan

Dr. Margaret F. Sloan
Nonprofit Concentration Coordinator

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The Need for Nonprofit and Community Leadership

Globally there are 1.4 million nonprofit organizations endeavoring to provide services through the arts, environmental initiatives, health and human services, education and research, international outreach, faith-based programs, and foundations. Nonprofit organizations afford millions of people powerful, independent, and voluntary methods for addressing the issues and expressing the values most important to them. Often called the "Third Sector", nonprofit organizations provide 5% of our nation's GDP.

Students will be prepared to take on the leadership challenges of the rapidly evolving third sector at the international, national, regional, state or local level with the innovative leadership skills gained while earning a Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Nonprofit and Community Leadership. The curriculum, instruction, and externship capstone provide a rigorous experience emphasizing the critical role of the nonprofit sector in twenty-first century society and an in-depth study and research of nonprofit governance, leadership, ethics, financial structures, performance measurements, public-private partnerships and fund raising.

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