Assistant Professor, Advisor to the Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership Concentration


Ph.D.   New York University- Higher and Postsecondary Education

M.A.     New York University- Higher Education and Student Affairs

B.A.      Dartmouth College- Religion

Primary Research Interests

Innovation in Higher Education

College Impact

Interfaith Collegiate Experiences

Career Development for the 21st Century

Professional Affiliations

Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

ACPA College Student Educators International

Recent Publications

Selznick, B. S., & Mayhew, M. J. (2018). Measuring undergraduates’ innovation capacities. Research in Higher Education, 59(6), 744-764.

Selznick, B.S. & Schafer, D. (2017). Online Higher Education and Axel Honneth’s Social Freedom. Contemporary Issues in Higher Education, 40(1), 6-20.

Mayhew, M. J., Selznick, B. S., Lo, M. A., & Vassallo, S. (2016). Take it personally: Incorporating personality traits as input covariates in college impact research. Journal of College Student Development, 57(7), 880-885.

Mayhew, M. J., Simonoff, J. S., Baumol, W. J., Selznick, B. S., Vassallo, S. J. (2016). Cultivating innovative entrepreneurs for the 21st century:  A study of U.S. and German students. Journal of Higher Education, 87(3), 420-455.

Rockenbach, A. N., Mayhew, M. J., Morin, S., Crandall, R. E., & Selznick, B. (2015). Fostering the pluralism orientation of college students through interfaith co-curricular engagement. Review of Higher Education, 39(1), 25-58.  

Mayhew, M. J., Pascarella, E. T., Trolian, T., Selznick, B. (2015). Measurements matter: Taking the DIT-2 multiple times and college students’ moral reasoning development. Research in Higher Education, 56(4), 378-396.

Selznick, B. (2013). A proposed model for the continued professionalisation of student affairs in Africa. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa, 1(1&2), 11-22.

Selznick, B. (2011). Down to the wire: Online education and the student-consumer model. Journal of Student Affairs-NYU Steinhardt, 7, 3-11.

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