LEAD Courses

SSLS students may register for LEAD courses via MyMadison. Occassionally, SSLS will offer Special Topics courses (LEAD 703) which may require a permission number for enrollment. LEAD 800 level courses and above require special permission for enrollment. With your advisor's approval, Kira Lambert (lambe2ks@jmu.edu) will issue permission to enroll in these courses. 

PSYC and MBA Courses

The Strategic Leadership curriculum includes courses from Graduate Psychology (PSYC) and the College of Business (MBA).  Please commit to attending the classes for which you are registered--as a multidisciplinary program, we need to maintain good relationships with our cooperating departments, and dropping courses makes it difficult for them to plan their course offerings. PSYC and MBA courses will often be listed as "Closed" on MyMadison because you need special permission to enroll.

For MBA courses

SSLS students must take MBA 620, MBA 617, MBA 691. To request a enrollment in MBA classes, email Kira Lambert to be added to a list we will submit by the deadline determined by the College of Business (COB).

To avoid confusion and conflicting messages, the College of Business requires that any messages related to permissions or scheduling be communicated through Kira Lambert, and that students not contact instructors directly, except for details related to the course itself once the student is already enrolled.

MBA 691: Strategic Management

MBA 691 should be the final MBA course in your program of study.  It is offered each fall, usually with one iMBA section (in-person meetings) and one InfoSec section. InfoSec courses meet face to face in McLean, VA for the first and last classes. All other meetings occur online. 

Continuous Enrollment

While it is expected that students continue to enroll in at least one course each semester (with the option of summers also), it is possible to pause your program of study without losing your place in the program by enrolling in GRAD 597. There is a $50 Continuance fee for enrolling in GRAD 597.  

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