Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery and Attendance

 Does the program offer online or hybrid courses?

All Strategic Leadership and PSYC (statistics and measurement) courses are delivered face to face at James Madison University. Some of the MBA courses (620, 617, and 691) offer hyrbid sections that are delivered asynchronously. 

 What are the requirements for full-time attendance in the program?

Students must enroll in 9 credits (3 courses) per fall and spring semesters to be considered a full-time student.

 Can I take courses part-time and still work full-time?

Yes! The majority of our students study part-time (taking 1-2 courses per semester) while maintaining full-time careers.

 When are courses generally offered?

Leadership and MBA courses meet once a week for 3 hours, beginning no earlier than 4pm. Meeting times for PSYC courses vary.


 What is the cost of the program?

The Strategic Leadership program is 66 credit hours total. Current program costs based on the University Business Office website's current tuition rates are $32,934 for in state students, and $81,246 for out of state students.

 Are there scholarships or other financial aid opportunities?

The following web pages have information on scholarships, financial aid, and other funding opportunities:

Please forward any other funding and tuition assistance opportunities to Brooke Rhodes at

 Are assistantships available?

Doctoral assistantship positions are available only to full-time students, and are awarded along with admission to the program. Funding is not guaranteed, but every attempt will be made to fund the student for 4 years. For more information, visit The Graduate School's Assistantships page.

 Is this a separate application process?

On your application, you may indicate if you are interested in a doctoral assistantship position. Accepted students may be encouraged to explore and apply for assistantship positions thorugh JMU's JobLink website

Prior Courses

 Will any of my credits (from my master's program or other courses) transfer?

Transfer credits and course waivers are approved on a case by case basis. All course transfers and waivers require approval from the student's advisor, the SSLS program director, and the Graduate School. Course transfer policies are detailed in The Graduate School catalog. SSLS will not accept courses from other master's programs for required SSLS Ph.D. level courses. 

 Should I take prerequisites before I apply?

Applicants should have completed an introductory statistics course (PSYC 210 or equivalent) and an undergraduate financial accounting course (COB 241 or equivalent). See the SSLS Prospective Student page for more details on prerequisites.


 What are the deadlines to apply?

Applications are accepted from December 15 through March 1st. Those interested in assistantships should submit their application no later than February 1st.

 Does SSLS require GRE or GMAT scores?

Yes, all applicants are required to submit GRE or GMAT scores. SSLS does not grant waivers for test scores. Applications submitted without GRE/GMAT scores will be considered incomplete.

 With the application, should I send a copy of my resume?

Yes, the resume needs to be uploaded via the online application. See a list of required materials on our Admission Criteria page. 

 Is an interview required?

The program no longer requires prospective students to meet with the Program Director or a faculty member before applying; however, the admissions committee may request an interview after the initial review of application materials. 

 When will I find out if I have been accepted?

Acceptances are generally announced within 30 days of the application deadline.

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