David Gesualdi (‘07) 2016 Fishman Prize National Finalist

David Gesualdi (‘07) has been selected as a National Finalist (top 10) for the 2016 Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. This prize is awarded to the nation's best instruction in high-need public schools. David is currently working in Pre-K – 8th Grade Physical Education and Health at The Walker Jones Education Campus in Washington, D.C.

You might not always associate health and physical education with challenging academics. But in David Gesualdi’s classroom, students engage in challenging texts, connected assignments, and self-directed instruction, all with the aim of understanding and attaining physical wellbeing and healthy habits to last a lifetime. It’s clear that David has had a major influence on his students’ lives—for the last three years of his (thus far) nine-year career, he has achieved a rating of highly effective by DCPS.