The Studio

The broadcasting studio is the ultimate destination for any Duke interested in broadcasting, shoutcasting and the technical operations behind JMU Esports broadcasts and social media. This state-of-the-art facility has all the equipment needed to bring your content to the next level. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to explore the world of broadcasting with our team. Our broadcast and social media teams are run by students and are always looking to add new members interested in learning new skills. For those interested in graphic design, casting, or production, we encourage you to check out our space and inquire about joining our teams using the links below! You bring the fresh ideas, we provide the professional-grade equipment and flexible design to take your production to new heights. Join us in The Studio today and discover the limitless possibilities of broadcasting and social media management!

JMU Esports Broadcasting & Marketing Team

Marketing Team Lead: eli5aur – Elise Scheuring

Broadcasting Team Lead: slimothy – Tim Hudson


  • TPS - Nicholas Sharp
  • Mike - Michale Simmons
  • Cheeso - Connor Martin
  • weebness9000 - Regan Elmore
  • coleslaw - Cole Knudson
  • Zoboomafoo - James Cermack


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