Dukes Arena


The Arena is a high-end space designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. As the primary training ground for JMU Esports, The Arena is equipped with 12 highly customized Dell stations, ergonomic Corsair gaming chairs, six large display screens for anything from streaming to presentations and a workspace for practices. The modular design makes adaptability easy, so classes and events are both accommodated for.

The Studio


The Studio is the ultimate destination for any Duke interested in broadcasting, shoutcasting and the technical operations behind JMU Esports. This state-of-the-art facility has all the equipment needed to bring your content to the next level. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to explore the world of production. You bring the fresh ideas, we provide the professional-grade equipment and flexible design to take your production to new heights. Join us in The Studio today and discover the limitless possibilities of broadcasting and podcasting. 


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