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“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”
— James Madison

JMU Reports: Measurements of the effectiveness of JMU's academic, administrative and student-focused programs.

  • Accreditation of Programs: James Madison University is regionally accredited by a Department of Education approved accrediting agency. In addition, many programs offered by JMU are also accredited by national associations and commissions.
  • Economic Impact Study: JMU enriches the local community through its educational, cultural, research, and public service activities. Since 1908, it has been a stable source of jobs and income for thousands of people and hundreds of businesses. This study describes some of the economic benefits generated in the local community by JMU.
  • General Education Summary: The General Education Program “The Human Community” is the core academic program of James Madison University . The Human Community seeks to educate students in ways that have been fundamental to higher education for centuries. This section includes descriptions of the program along with summaries of the assessment of student learning.
  • Measures of Performance: These measures of critical functions provide insight into the changing nature of the institution.
  • National and Regional Recognitions: The quality of JMU has been recognized by many national and regional publications from U.S. News & World Report to the Institute of International Education.
  • Perception Surveys: Perception survey results have been provided to share information learned from students, alumni and employers.
  • Statistics and Summaries: Data and reports have been compiled on many facets of the JMU community.
  • Student Achievement: Reports related to JMU student achievement.
  • University Accomplishments: Accomplishments of the university reported by academic year.

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