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Mission: We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.
Vision: To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.
Values: Academic Quality, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Student Focus

We develop diversified revenues, build and maintain useful and attractive facilities and leverage innovative technologies to achieve our goals.

University Goals

Goal 7A: The university will be a safe, attractive and friendly place to learn and work.

Goal 7B: The university will incorporate best practices - state-of-the-art classroom spaces, sustainability (e.g. LEED Certification), effective use of technology, accessibility, etc. - in the renovation and construction of facilities.

Goal 7C: The university will implement revenue-generating strategies and operational flexibilities to achieve the university’s mission and goals.

Goal 7D: The university will regularly evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and the potential of new proposed programs and initiatives in making decisions regarding the allocation of resources.

Goal 7E: The university will leverage current and emerging technologies in support of collaboration with the community, state, region and the world to deliver quality learning opportunities.

Goal 7F: The university will utilize technology innovatively to provide information, student services and programs.

Major Initiatives

Enhance Facilities

Already known for its excellent facilities, continue to construct, expand, renovate, equip and appropriately staff campus facilities to enable engagement. In particular, embark on new projects including...

  • New College of Business building - Already a nationally recognized program, a new building for the College of Business would enable growth in number of students, strength of programs and reputation. Raise $20 million in private gifts allowing us to petition the Commonwealth for initiating and assisting in construction.
  • Makerspaces - Renovate and actively pursue new facility opportunities to support interdisciplinary, team-based applied-learning opportunities that develop tangible solutions to societal challenges.
  • Atlantic Union Bank Center - Drive national market exposure by convening large audiences around signature events, speakers and conferences.

Thoughts about this Core Quality

The Resources Committee of the Madison Future Commission concluded that the current university funding model could not be sustained long term. In fact, that was the most important strategic issue listed by the committee. The Academics Committee made consistent and repeated reference to the importance of the university’s resources in supporting the academic mission. The Board of Visitors added that the university will require financial, facility and technological resources to meet its goals. These sentiments resulted in the drafting of this core quality.

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