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Dr. Lori L. Britt
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Dr. Britt's research projects focus on understanding how communities and organizations go about the business of charting future courses of action and how different communicative structures and participatory and collaborative practices can aid in making those plans more inclusive and representative of multiple stakeholders and perspectives. In addition, her work has looked at the negotiation and management of identity in various group and organizational settings, from private to public. Dr. Britt has experience facilitating deliberation, dialogue and visioning processes for governmental and non-profit agencies. She teaches a service-learning course entitled "Facilitating Community Engagement" that results in students creating and facilitating dialogues for community organizations who wished to involve members, stakeholders, or the general community in discussions regarding community needs and ways those needs might be met collaboratively.


  • August 2014

    Dr. Lori Britt (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies) and Dr. Robert W. Alexander (Assistant Professor, Political Science) received $5,000 from the Kettering Foundation to develop an assessment tool to identify the existence and absence of key components of public dialogue, responsive to a community’s unique historical relationships that have shaped the tenor of public talk, and the relationships of trust or mistrust between public citizens and public officials or institutions.


  • March 2013

    Dr. Lori Britt (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies; Director, Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue) has been chosen to participate in a research exchange with the Charles F. Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio. The Kettering Foundation focuses on the question of "What does it take to make democracy work as it should?" Kettering advances this question through identifying and working with partners in what is called "joint learning cycles." Through Britt’s participation in workshops, training and collaborative research over the next year, she will focus on exploring ways to bring citizens into deliberations on public issues, conduct workshops for other organizations in the community that wish to convene and deliberate public issues and conduct research on the practices that enable this form of civic engagement.