ICAD to help host week of Cross-Campus Forums in April

Faculty and college students from across the U.S. are invited to participate in the national week of cross-campus online deliberative forums co-organized by James Madison University, Westmont College, and the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI), April 5-10, 2021.  

With five Common Ground for Action (CGA) online forums spread across the week, students and faculty have the opportunity to deliberate together on a wide range of issues, including free speech and inclusivity on campus and policing reform.  In October 2020, over 26 colleges and 250 students attended a forum. 

For more information or to pre-register: https://www.nifi.org/en/events/public-voice-2021-cross-campus-cga-forum-series

For information about this work contact Kara Dillard at kdillard@nifi.org.


ICAD to Provide Training and support for US/EU Collaborative Efforts

ICAD is pleased to be a partner on the Project TRACK-STAR grant awarded to collaborators from JMU, the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, and the Lares Institute.  As part of the European Union’s transatlantic civil society dialogues with key policy stakeholders, ICAD will provide training and support for a restart of policy dialogues between U.S. and EU stakeholders across seven key topics.  For information about the TRACK-STAR grant, see https://www.jmu.edu/news/eupolicystudies/2021/02/eu-grant-track-star.shtml


Dillard Discusses Online Deliberation Innovation During Pandemic

(February 2021) Current National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) board members Kara Dillard and Verdis Robinson along with former NIFI Board members Kara Lindaman and John Theis spoke with Campus Compact about their different experiences innovating with Common Ground for Action (CGA) and videoconferencing tools during the pandemic.  

In opening the session, Lindaman, a professor of political science, talked about the importance of the moment for college students – that learning to deliberate and moderate even during the pandemic is vital to civic life and civic education.  Theis, a professor of political science at Lonestar College – Kingwood discussed the series of CGA + Zoom forums he held for students across his campus during the spring and fall. Robinson and fellow Kettering associate Lisa Strahley worked this fall with the State University of New York system to convene NIF forums using Zoom. Dillard, a assistant professor of communication studies at James Madison University offered lessons learned from scaling up the online deliberative experience to connect college students across the nation during the biannual week of cross-campus forums.  

All four panelists mentioned how positively students responded to opportunities to deliberate online and agreed that even when campuses return to normal, they intend to continue these campus, statewide, and nationwide projects.

For more information, contact Kara Dillard at kdillard@nifi.org

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