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The Impacts of Radical Curiosity
By Cuda Zmuda, ICAD Process Designer 2022 As a student who has had the opportunity to develop their facilitation skills through... Read More

A long overdue ICAD update
By Lori Britt If it seems like a long time since we have shared an ICAD update with our supporters and partners, that is because... Read More

The Impact of ICAD
By: Annie Beg, ICAD Intern Before starting in my position as an ICAD intern, I anticipated growing and honing my skills of... Read More

Helping Organizations Connect the Present to the Future
BY: ANNIE BEG, ICAD INTERN An organizational vision articulates aspirations for the future. A vision is what an organization... Read More

Helping Alternative Break Leaders Facilitate Reflective Conversations
BY: SADIE ROSENFELD, ICAD INTERN The ability to lead a reflection with a group of strangers for a thoughtful and stimulating... Read More

Using Our First Amendment Freedoms Requires Knowledge of Them
BY: ANNIE BEG, ICAD INTERN We often think of a college education as journey of personal development, academic exploration, and... Read More

Talking Across Differences IS Possible
BY: SADIE ROSENFELD, ICAD INTERN There are few topics we are conditioned to avoid discussing in “polite company”, the most... Read More

Helping People Hear and Understand One Another
By: Lori Britt, ICAD Co-Director In fall 2020, students in a JMU course that teaches students how to facilitate productive talk... Read More

Deliberating About Guns, Rights, and Security
By: Katelyn Waltemyer In March 2019, there was a deliberative forum held in Madison Union that focused on students coming... Read More

The Power of Art as a Means of Building Solidarity
COVID-19 has catalyzed a resounding outburst of collective grief, rage and joy. Amidst a flurry of emotions and feelings which... Read More

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