Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue

Dr. Lori L. Britt

Associate Professor School of Communication, ICAD Co-Director


Dr. Rob Alexander

Associate Professor Political Science, ICAD Co-Director


Dr. Kara Dillard

Dr. Kara Dillard, Scholar in Residence in Digital Democratic Practice

ICAD Student Affiliates

Cuda ZmudaCuda Zmuda, ICAD Process Designer. Cuda is an undergraduate student studying Finance and Communication Studies at James Madison University, with minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. Some of his deepest passions include fostering inclusive spaces & community through his involvements in various organizations such as JMU Outriggers, Make Your Mark On Madison, Student Ambassadors, APO, and more. As a program assistant for Outriggers and a Student Director for MYMOM, Cuda has been able to utilize his most notable skills in facilitation, which are emphasizing the importance of vulnerability in connecting with others & group collaboration through his creativity. He is excited to work with ICAD to further develop his facilitation skills and work with different groups compared to what he is used too.

"Facilitation provides an outlet to connectivity. In a society that faces continued polarization and dependency on technology, we need to reconnect and find common ground. Facilitation provides the opportunity for that connectivity."


Jonny MorrisJonny Morris, ICAD Collaborative Process Designer. Jonny is an undergraduate student studying his own self-designed major of “Leadership Development” at James Madison University. Jonny’s professional interests include: Community Development, Education, Urban Planning, Life Coaching, Facilitation, Social Justice & Empowerment, and Environmental Regeneration. Jonny runs his own life-coaching business as a “Personal Growth Coach for Aspiring Changemakers”. Being passionate about supporting people through challenging and transformative processes, along with his interest in learning how to help people collaborate more effectively with one another, Jonny naturally found excitement in the field of facilitation. After taking a course in Collaborative Discussion and a course in Facilitation, both offered by Dr. Lori Britt at JMU, Jonny was invited to partner with ICAD where he intends to further his experience as a professional facilitator.

"I earnestly believe that authentic human connection, rooted in vulnerability and empathy, will change this world. For any relationship to thrive, whether it be a business, a romance, or a community, there needs to be a collaborative effort to understand one another. That's what I believe facilitation is about; creating greater understanding between people."


Lochinvar SloanLochinvar Sloan, ICAD Graduate Assistant. Loch is an MPA student concentrating his degree in nonprofit management. Service areas that interest him include isolated individuals, adoption, and funding for independent artists, among many others. Originally from the mountainous regions of Kentucky, he has called Harrisonburg home since 2012, and is glad for the opportunity to continue his education within its temperate environs.

“In a world of increasingly polarizing non-discussion, ICAD's mission and goals of building constructive dialogues and creating spaces where people can have difficult or challenging conversations is one that resonated with me personally. People, by their very natures, will always disagree, so what's important isn't finding ways around those conversations, but finding ways through them that can respectfully value people on an individual level while guiding things to a positive outcome. By helping make these outcomes happen [in addition to the other myriad tasks the team manages], ICAD is serving as a beacon for discourse in a time when such lights are often harder to see, making me proud to be a part of the work we do.”


Quinn NeumannQuinn Neumann, ICAD Intern. Quinn is a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Sociology. She is looking forward to acquiring new social media and marketing skills as well as expanding her understanding of collaborative discussion. She is also eager to improve and hone in on her facilitation skills throughout the semester through various ICAD community projects. She plans to absorb everything she can before graduating and is looking forward to starting her career as a communications professional with the knowledge and experience that she is gaining from being a part of the ICAD team.

“I chose ICAD because I felt like I could make a real impact in the community and gain essential knowledge and skills I can use in all aspects of my life in the future. There will always be a need for collaborative discussion and dialogue especially in today’s climate. I hope to never stop growing and learning and take what I’ve learned from ICAD to create a space for others to do the same.”


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