Dr. Lori L. Britt

Associate Professor School of Communication, ICAD Co-Director


Dr. Rob Alexander

Associate Professor Political Science, ICAD Co-Director


Dr. Kara Dillard

Dr. Kara Dillard, Scholar in Residence in Digital Democratic Practice

ICAD Student Affiliates

Cuda ZmudaCuda Zmuda, Assistant Director of Campus and Community Engagement. Cuda is an undergraduate student studying Finance and Communication Studies at James Madison University, with minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. Some of his deepest passions include fostering inclusive spaces & community through his involvements in various organizations such as JMU Outriggers, Make Your Mark On Madison, Student Ambassadors, APO, and more. As a program assistant for Outriggers and a Student Director for MYMOM, Cuda has been able to utilize his most notable skills in facilitation, which are emphasizing the importance of vulnerability in connecting with others & group collaboration through his creativity. He is excited to work with ICAD to further develop his facilitation skills and work with different groups compared to what he is used too.

"Facilitation provides an outlet to connectivity. In a society that faces continued polarization and dependency on technology, we need to reconnect and find common ground. Facilitation provides the opportunity for that connectivity."




We collaborate and learn from and with other organizations that support Dialogue and Deliberation and Community Problem-Solving. We invite you to learn more about these organizations and the Resources they offer.

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