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Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue

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Associate Professor School of Communication, ICAD Director, Director of 4C

Dr. Lori L. Britt
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Associate Professor School of Communication, Director Center for Health and Environmental Communication, ICAD and 4C Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Pete Bsumek
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Assistant Professor Political Science, ICAD and 4C Associate Director

Dr. Rob Alexander
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Advisory Committee

The ICAD advisory committee is drawn from the campus and community and serves to help identify issues and opportunities for facilitated processes that support public engagement. 

4C Affiliates

Chase Dunn, ICAD/4C Intern

Undergraduate Affiliates/Facilitators

Kyle Anderson

Tyler Burgess

Nicole Chillemi

Karan Deengar

Ian Francisco

Anna Stackhouse

Tagne van der Wall

Graduate/Faculty/Staff/Community Afiiliates

Ros O'Brien

Steele Dunn

Katie Lese, JMU Student Affairs

Laura Mack

Sean McCarthy (Marketing and Messaging)

Rainie Ott

Victoria Price